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Carolyne Thrasher

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Nov 9, 2018
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Salem, OR
We have our body butter formula down pretty good and it's a good seller. I have a face serum that sells really well. My shampoo bars sold out and I'm on round 2 of those. Still need to work on conditioner bar and a clarifying shampoo bar.

My husband made "massage oils" last year and they were duds. I tried to convince him to market them as body oils but no he really wanted them to be labeled massage oil. Ha. Well I am moving forward with body oil. Here's my first recipe. I really like it but I probably need to bring the cost down so I'm probably going to sacrifice the pomegranate seed oil for sunflower or MCT. I need to use up some of these luxury oils that I bought that would be wasted in soap recipes.

52.5% grapeseed oil
10% raspberry seed oil
10% pomegranate seed oil
10% jojoba oil
10% Olivem 300
5% isopropyl myristate
2% coconut fo (WSP)
vitamin E .5%
bronze mica
silica microspheres

I might bump up the fo to 3% but want to see what it is like after I apply it to my entire body instead of just my hands after the bath.

I'm also trying to workout a bubble scoop that doesn't have any oil or butters. I cannot stand cleaning out a tub after a bath bomb. Someone posted a great starting point from using a WSP recipe that she tweaked. If you're on here, speak up and thank you!

So that's what I'm doing in the bath/body world. How about you guys?

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