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Feb 11, 2008
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Right here, silly!
I've been making lip balms for awhile now, but have recently ventured into the realm of experimenting with lip gloss over the past 3 weeks......and now I find myself hooked with yet another addiction! And those lip pens from MMS are only making it worse! Aaarggghhh!

I've tried 4 different recipes so far. Two were from MMS's lip balm section of their blog site, and the other 2 are my own concoctions, which for lack of better names I have dubbed Formula #1 and Formula #2. lol My favorite out of all the different formulas I have tried so far is my Formula #2 (which is nothing more than a re-tweak of Formula #1). Here is Formula #2:

24% Castor Oil
22% Meadowfoam Seed Oil
15% Mango Butter
15% Shea Butter
10% Lanolin (used Lansinoh)
3.75% Butter EZ (to prevent grains, from Lotioncrafters)
3% Filtered Beeswax
3% Flavor Oil
2% Candelilla Wax
2% Sweetener (I use MMS's Sugar Baby sweetener)
.25% Vitamin E T-50

It has a pleasant, medium gloss/shine to it ....i.e., not enough shine for a beam of light to bounce off it and blind someone, mind you, but yet not so dull that it's barely noticeable. If Goldilocks were to try it, she would say that it's just right. :)

Consistency-wise, it feels just a tiny bit softer than Vaseline, but not so soft that it flows or spills or anything like that. In any case, it dispenses nicely from one of those lip-wand tubes, or else one of those lip pens from MMS...... and it feels quite substantial as glosses go. To explain, some glosses are so light that they seem to fly off the lips in no time at all, but I'm finding this one to be very long-lasting in that I don't feel like I need to re-apply it but once in a blue moon. To give you a idea of what I mean by that.......if I put it on right before I go to bed at night, I can still feel it's protective effects on my lips when I get up in the morning, even if the glossiness has lost it's shine by then and it has become more matte. Me likes it very much!

Just a heads-up if any of you happen to buy the lip pens from MMS.........if you formulate your gloss with too firm of a consistency, it will pop the doe-tip applicator off and render it useless. Ask me how I know! Yep- that's what I did today..... leave it to me, why don't you. lol For what it's worth, it was not with my above Formula #2 recipe (that particular one works great in the pens). It was actually with MMS's Honey Elixir gloss formula, which is a very nice formula, too, but I think I'll use less beeswax in it next time (5% instead of the 10% that it called for).

IrishLass :)
thank you for sharing this beautiful recipe IL! i don't have most of the ingredients listed above, i should put this project on hold. haha

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