Batch #25 Sea Side

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Nov 28, 2007
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Batch #25 Sea Side

This is as close as I have come to a swirl!!!!!
Coconut oil 6 oz. Lard 5 oz. Olive oil 5 oz. Canola 2 oz. Cotton seed oil 3 oz.
Castor oil 2 oz. [total oils 23 oz.] small amount of ultra marine blue mica
1/3 separated for Titanium Dioxide addition to give swirl color.
At trace: .5 oz. Vitamin E, .5 oz. Glycerin, .5 oz. Aloe vera gel
.75 oz. FO (50% Obsession type (m) 50% Coast soap type)
FO’s from Saveonscents. This combination is much better than coast alone.
Hardness 37 Cleansing 18 Condition 58 Bubbly 26 Creamy 27
Iodine 64 INS 146
This soap ashed slightly and the color of the ash was a light lime green, shaved away it hasnt hurt the appearance.

Log, 4.5 hour in mold:


Cut Bars:

:shock: Oh Neil. Wow.... I can honestly say that is the most beautiful soap I have ever seen. I only wish I could smell it. That color combination and the ratio of the 2 colors could not have been better. Wow.

Did I mention WOW!!!
Neil............................................... Simply............. I'm speechless!............. :!:

Very impressed! :D
Thanks everyone.. I highly appreciate you all.
The smell is wonderful.. I may onto something with this soap making.
WOW! Those look stunning!!! How are the SOS FOs working for you? And HOW are you able to unmold so SOON??

Hi Neil, I am new to the board and have been taking a trip through your soaps. They are just beautiful! This is my favorite.. Judy

Firstly let me welcome you to the forum and soap making and say thank you so very much. I too havent been making soap long , only a couple months, I learn a great amount from the folks here. These people will inspire you, atleast they have me. Thanks again and if I can be of any assistants dont hesitate.
Hi Neil, I have been making soap and toiletries for years. You are doing a great job. It has always been a learn as you go process for me. I have always been a cp soaper. I have tried other processes and cp is my favorite. I used to sell and then was diagnosed with Lupus so had to give up my business and have just recently started back. I am only doing for my family and friends now. It has always been such fun to create new things. Looks like you are on your way! Blessings Judy