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May 23, 2008
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Hi soapers!

I need some guidance & instruction, here. It involves rebatching castile soap, using goat's milk as the liquid.

I've got a 2.5 pound batch of crockpot castile soap I made about 2 wks ago. I think I overcooked a tiny bit, because the bars are VERY hard -- but they're cracking a little bit. The cracks started when I first cut the bars, & have gotten a bit more noticeable. In fact, some of the cracks run right down the bar of soap, splitting it in half.

I did a 10% SF on this batch. 100% olive oil. No scent, no color.

I've mentioned in another thread that I have alien lizard skin, & it's very annoyed at all soap, even this batch, although it does tolerate it better than other soap.

Because I've heard such great things about goat's milk for skin like mine, I thought I'd try an experiment.

What I'm thinking about doing, is experimenting with half of the batch. I want to rebatch, & add some goat's milk during the cook as my liquid. The kind my store carries is the canned, evaporated, double strength kind -- Meyersberg I think is the brand. The can says to mix with equal parts of water to make it the correct strength for drinking.

I will be using the double boiler method. My crockpot is too big for a 1-pound batch.

What suggestions would you all have? My main questions are:

* how much goat's milk to use for approx 1 pound of shredded soap?
* Do I use it at the double strength that it came in, or should I add equal parts of water?
* Do I heat it first, & then add the shredded soap? Or soap & milk into the pot all at the same time?
* Is there a chance that the milk will sour in the soap if I use it for rebatching like this, & make the soap stink like sour milk??

The original crockpot batch had sugar & salt in it. I probably won't use anymore sugar in this rebatch, although if it gets gloppy & gross on me, I know that the sugar will make it more liquid, so I may have to.

Has anyone ever attempted this before? :shock: Any tips or advice you can share would be very much appreciated. I feel like I'm flying blind here.

I appreciate your help, guys! Thanks! :D
I'm not sure if adding the goat milk post-sap. will work. The reason I add goat milk pre-sap. is because the saponification process preserves it. This might just be my paranoia because I really really hate rotten milk and don't want to take any chances with accidently rubbing it all over my skin. On the other hand, it might work...
Even though a newcomer to soapmaking I have come to associate rebatching with adding just a small amount of moisture, depending on cure status of soap, but never more than a little bit, just a bit more if the soap is dry. Every time I've gone over that amount of liquid I got a ruined mess of moist soap that wouldn't solidify.
I lobe the double baggie hot water method. I place about 1 big cup of shreds or scraps in a boiler baggie. I soak the soap shreds overnight in a bit of GM, then remove, pat dry a bit, then place in first baggie. I put that baggie into another baggie and place in boiling water until melted. I remove from water, swoosh, and squish the melted scraps, add more scent or even a bit of colour. I then snip the corner of the baggie and "pipe" it into a small log mold.

Paul :wink:

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