Anyone interested in setting up a soap swap?

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Dec 27, 2015
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I know Bramble Berry does one twice a year. I think it might be fun. What I was thinking is those that want to participate can send in 5 bars of their soaps (each a different kind) and say a check for $7.00 or whatever it is for a flat rate priority mail box to the lead person. That person that mixes up the soaps making sure that each person gets 5 different bars along with the makers name and e-mail address.

If people are uncomfortable sending a check they could simply include the stamps for the flat rate priority box and we could do it that way. Personally I like the idea of each person including the stamps for postage. Then we don't have to worry about problems with checks.

I think we would have to limit this to the USA only. I don't know how we would deal with the postage for other countries. Any ideas on this?

I am willing to run this if everyone is comfortable with that. Otherwise maybe someone that has been on the forums longer could do it. Irishlass, etc.

Anyone interested? Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?
Thank you for the link. The rules are fair and with in reason.

First I want to say I didn't mean to crunch any toes with the swap post. I thought it would make more sense to see if there was enough people interested in one before bothering the moderators about it. If there are just a couple of people then there isn't much point. My apologies if I stepped on some toes.

When was the last time the forum had a swap? I think it would be kind of fun and a good way to see what others are making and for others to try out my soaps. I would love the feedback. In fact the feedback would be invaluable especially if you don't sell.

Again, check out the swap section of the forum to see when a swap was.

You hadn't read the rules before you posted that, so you didn't think it would make more sense to check out interest before bothering a mod. From your post, it sounds as if you didn't even know that there was a soap swap process for the forum.

I'm locking this thread. Please go through the proper process of starting a swap, keeping the rules and requirements in mind, and then we see how many people are interested. To be honest, a USA swap with an interesting idea will be sure to have a good amount of interest
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