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I have been searching the web for beginner soap making recipes and there are quite a few that use ingredients we can’t have. I’m also not sure which recipes make “good” soaps and I would like to not have to experiment a lot right out of the gate... so I was wondering if you guys could help me figure out something that could work?
After reading through this thread and understanding the issues you have, I must say, I admire your willingness to help your family by learning to make soap. Good for you! :thumbs:

You can find good general information in the Beginner's Forum that you should be aware of before making your first batch. The Lovin' Soap Studio covers the basics in an overview of the process of making CP (Cold Process) soap, including Getting Started Without Spending a Lot of Money in simple easy-to-understand terms.

Once you have a few batches under your belt and feel more confident, I think this recipe would work very well for you and your family.

My family’s allergies include peanuts/tree nuts (including almond and coconut)
I read online a while ago that refined peanut oil doesn't cause allergic reactions to people who have nut allergies. Its only unrefined that does. You should research that, and find out if its the same with other unrefined nut oils.

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