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  1. TurtleK

    Allergies—Learning to Make Soap

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting on this website. I’m pretty new here; I have been lurking for a few weeks and I’m still learning how to get around the site. I’m wanting to learn to make my own soap. I’m really creative and love making things and I think I could have fun with it...
  2. GypsySoul

    Mica Powders Natural, organic, allergies?

    My daughter and I spent the weekend selling her soaps & products at a venue. A few booths down was another soaper. She was purely a M&P person. While we are not, that is not the issue. Her booth was loudly labelled as Organic and All Natural. Her soaps were vivid hues of blues, purples...
  3. P

    Latex-Fruit Syndrom Allergies

    I have lurked, and lurked in the forum for months, looking in different sub-forums in order to get a basic understanding of cold process soap making; ingredients, tools and vendor sourcing; and to learn about soap making techniques before ever attempting to make a batch of soap. My interest in...