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Nov 13, 2007
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East Berlin, PA
So, we went wild last saturday and made CP soap for the first time....we had so much fun we made 4 1lb batches!

We made a batch of soybean oil and when we unmolded 2 days later there was either oil or water laying in the mold.....but it seemed to be pretty firm and cut well....anyone ever see this?

We also made castille soap...i used olive oil from the grocery store. Not extra virgin or virgin, just the regular olive oil....now i had been reading about the olive oil pomace....is this totally different from grocery store olive oil? It was unbelievably soft when we tried to cut it, it was actually sort of squishy....i used 16 oz olive, 2 oz lye and 6 oz water....i saw a recipe on here that was similar, but used 5.3 oz of water....it it just that there is a boatload of water in there that needs to evaporate?? or did i not mix it long enough?

The other two batches look great though!

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