“Grainy” soap with EO pocket…

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Green Mountain Farm

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Sep 22, 2021
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I made four loaves of soap on Friday (two “First Snow” and two “We Three Kings”) I usually cut between 12 and 24 hours but I didn’t cut them until today (Sunday evening) so 48 hours later.
They weren’t too hard to cut, although the edges did end up a bit rough (which is fine because I bevel my soaps) but the weird thing is the texture. It’s almost grainy looking. And my We Three Kings soap (which contains 2% myrrh essential oil) has spots that look like myrrh eo.
Is this a fail? The First Snow looks a bit grainy as well but doesn’t have eo spots.
(The picture of two soaps is the newest batch on the left and a batch I made a couple weeks ago on the right, the other picture is of the eo spot.)
It's a bit hard to tell, but if I were to guess I would say the soap got a little hot.
(and if it's that, then the soap will cure out well enough - you can polish them after a few days to smooth the look)