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  1. Todd Ziegler

    Homemade Vanilla color stabilizer (VCS) summary

    Here is the recipe for the homemade VCS which we are affectionately calling "Zigali's color stabilizer or ZCS for short" the acrynim will help distinguish between the homemade and those you buy through a retailer. The recipe of 3 oz metabisulfate and 3 oz thiosulfate in 10 oz water translates...
  2. shermluge

    First HP Swirls

    Since my two vanilla incidents ( Soap on a stick blender ), I used HP to save my first batch. Regarding the second incident (when I discovered the actual problem), leaving me with oils still mixed with the Seizing Vanilla scent. I decided to just do the second batch as just HP. After thinking...
  3. B

    Confusion about vanilla color stabilizer in MP

    Hi! Brand new to soap making. Have been doing melt and pour for about 2 weeks now. I have a question about vanilla color stabilizer that I can't seem to find the answer to. I know how to properly use it and have had experience using it. My question is, in what colors should I use it? I make a...
  4. jiroband

    Quest for the Best Pure Vanilla FO -- FOUND!

    A few years back I was on a thread here looking for the best pure vanilla fragrance oil. Through my search, I've purchased over 60 versions from several suppliers -- all falling short of what I was looking for. I've tried all varieties from supposedly "true" vanilla FO's . . . to baked goods...
  5. Amanda Borgeson

    Vanilla Powder vs Oil

    Hi! I am new in this forum but have beginner's experience with soap making. I just made a batch and it was perfect, unscented this time. I used Shea butter so I can smell it in the bar soap I made, it smelled so good alone. I even added bentonite clay for impurities, after cook for my melt and...
  6. L

    Partial Gel Surprise

    Hi All, Here's hoping I can make more contributions to this great forum! I wanted to share a photo of a soap I made a few months back. It was made with: Cocoa butter, 5% Coconut oil, 20% Olive oil, 30% Sunflower oil, 45% I superfatted @ 5%, added no colorant, but did add Tahitian...
  7. jiroband

    Scented Candle -- I GIVE UP!

    I've been making CP soap successfully for the past 6 years, so I thought making scented candles would be easy -- WRONG! I've made 3 candles now, trying different paraffin waxes and FO's, but I can't get a noticeable scent. I decided on all paraffin wax for maximum scent. The first 2 attempts...
  8. Soul_Healthy

    Is there a natural vanilla fragrance for HP?

    I'm in desperate need for a way to make vanilla soap. I don't trust anything labeled vanilla EO because I don't believe it exists. I've also read that vanilla extract only lasts a while until the scent fades. Is there anyway to get the vanilla smell without using fragrance oil? I'm not saying...
  9. M

    ISO a "Natural" Smelling Vanilla FO

    Hi everyone. I'm searching for a vanilla fragrance oil that has a very natural, non-chemical scent. Kind of like the old version of The Body Shop's Vanilla Perfume Oil. I've only heard a few other people complain about this, so I think this is just a case of us being hypersensitive, but my...
  10. R

    Look good enough to eat? Chocolate & Vanilla

    This is the result of one of my first experiments to make some CP look like chocolate. Does this look like chocolate to you?
  11. E

    How do I get a natural vanilla scent in M&P?

    So I've been researching this lately and while a natural vanilla scent doesn't seem to be easy to achieve in HP or CP, I can't find any information for M&P. I'd assume it works better for M&P since there is no reaction with lye to worry about. Has anyone had any success in using Vanilla...
  12. G

    Did I screw this up or what???

    Today, I did my 7th 2-pound batch of CP soap, and thought I had it all good, but when I checked it an hour later... what happened to my soap??? Everything was going just fine, at a light trace, and I added some tea grinds for an exfoliant, then 1 tsp of turmeric, and then I added the 1 oz of...
  13. A

    natural vanilla for cp?

    I would love to make a yummy, vanilla scented cp soap. Is there a natural way to do this? Also, any natural coconut fragrances out there? Thanks, this forum is amazing!
  14. M

    Soy milk in soap ?

    Was wondering if I could use Soy milk (vanilla flavored) in my cp soap and hp soap? Or does it work better in cp? Also would regular soy milk be best? Any help will be appreciated :)
  15. bridgetmoon

    Vanilla & Rose Petal Soaps

    Now, This, i thought i'd give it a go. And sure enough think I now understand why the soaps are hard to get out of the container as seen below. But mmm this will smell nice!
  16. H

    Storing of vanilla pods

    The bakery supplies shop in my homeland sell vanilla pod and keep them in the fridge. I am now confuse over the treatment of keeping the extra pods. The pods are taken out from the fridge, in order to keep the extra not use, do I: 1) Keep them back into the fridge; or 2) thaw the pods, dry...