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  1. Marissa Uhler

    Steeping herbs in lye water

    I have a question about steeping dried herbs in the lye water in soap making... I been making cold-process soap for several years. In order to infuse herbs into my soap at times when I don't want the ground herb directly in the bar (like a shampoo bar), I would usually make a hot-water infusion...
  2. E

    Would a preservative work in a completely water based formula?

    I’m talking about this recipe for oat hair gel. I’ve used it before and it’s wonderful, but before when I made it I knew nothing about preservatives and how refrigeration isn’t enough. Oatmeal Hair Gel Recipe For Curly Hair It’s completely “bug food,” meaning no oil, no regular water, all oat...
  3. H

    Chamomile tea soap

    Hello, I want to make chamomile tea soap and want to Include ground up tea leaves in the soap. I am wondering if anyone has used the tea in tea bags or would you advise against it? I just thought maybe it would smell more like the tea, but I can't find anything to say if there's anything in...
  4. J

    Tea Infused Oils for CP soaps

    Hello Everybody, I am new to soap making and can't wait to get started! I am going to start my olive oil bars once my mould gets here this friday! Churning our ideas, I am thinking of infusing oils with teas (because I am a tea lover). I've looked up some videos and literature. So I placed...
  5. A

    Help!! Chamomile tea problem

    Hello I have a question I am a first time soap maker I use goat milk soap base. I am making a lemon chamomile tea. I melted my soap put esstenial oil in and the loose tea. It is wrapped in plastic wrap now I notice that all of the sudden it is starting to bleed a red as well as it starting...
  6. B

    Has Anyone Experimented With Loose Leaf Teas in Soap?

    Hello, I'm Victoria. My quest is to eventually start up a small bath product line, and I'm looking to do some less common experimenting. So that brings me to the question; Has anyone ever experimented with loose leaf tea in soaps? How long did the soap last? Was the scent comparable to an...
  7. H


    How tis everyone doing on this beautiful sunny day? Its been raining here forever. Today is the first day with sun in ages :D heh, its about the small things. Has anyone used chamomile tea instead of water? How strong is the tea? I am thinking of making unscented soap and I am looking for...
  8. M

    Brittle hard soap. Help!

    Hi All, I'm new to soap making and attended a soap making workshop a couple of weeks ago. Loved it! Being inspired I gathered ingredients straight away and made my first batches. Made lemon and coconut with dried microplaned lemon rind and desiccated coconut which seemed to turn out of...
  9. H

    tea lights

    Hi everyone, I have never made candles before. My friends birthday is coming up and I wanted to make some tea lights in small jam jars for her as a part of the gift we are putting together for her. I have the beeswax but I am fuzzy on the wick. Can I make a simple wick that would work out of...
  10. Oenone

    Green tea/persimmon soap

    I'm trying to make a persimmon soap for my dad, who's worried about old man smell. He's really into the idea that a green tea and persimmon soap will help with that. https://www.miraiclinical.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=19 I think that's where he got the idea from. Anyways, I was...
  11. M

    Tea in soap?

    Has anyone done tea in soap? Meaning instead of just plain old water you would brew your tea and use that instead with the lye mix. Any tips or comments would be helpful ty :)