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  1. shermluge

    First HP Swirls

    Since my two vanilla incidents ( Soap on a stick blender ), I used HP to save my first batch. Regarding the second incident (when I discovered the actual problem), leaving me with oils still mixed with the Seizing Vanilla scent. I decided to just do the second batch as just HP. After thinking...
  2. Savonette

    Temps and H2O

    Hi all, I'm at the phase of TOTAL RE-EVALUATION! I posted a recipe on the Calculator that I'd love some feedback on. I'm giving up on stearic acid (spots), citric acid (grainy) and fast setup (increasing my H2O%). I want the middle-of-the-road formula that can swirl a bit, has great lather...
  3. ravenscents

    I can't swirl

    Newbie here, trying my hardest to learn how to swirl. I've watched months of you tube videos and I've been experimenting with known recipes from Brambleberry, and WPS. I have 10 bars curing with dreadful swirls. I've tried the spoon swirl, drop and hanger swirl. I've tried to make a thinner...
  4. Garden Gives Me Joy

    New (Botanical) Vegan Soaps Girl

    Hello all, I have been an amateur soaper for a a few years and loving it! Although I dabble mostly in hot and cold processed bar soaps. my repertoire also includes just a few adventures with cream and liquid soaps. As my username might suggest, my adventures often involve botanicals, mostly...
  5. katiemarie1986

    Butterfly Swirl

    So I am pretty excited about this soap! My design came through on enough bars to make it worth the effort LOL I used Atomic Orange, Love and Sunshine, and Titanium Dioxide from Nurture, and the scent is Awaken by Nurture. I call this bar Hello Sunshine! One of my best sellers with a new design...
  6. A

    Planning First Swirl (CP)

    I'm a beginner, having made 4 batches of plain soap although one with the texture of ground dried orange peel, one with lavender oil (but not enough). Now I'm ready to attempt a swirl. I'm planning a very small loaf (680 g oil) as my first attempt. I bought a few micas and clays. Here are some...
  7. Pink Man Group - 2019May07

    Pink Man Group - 2019May07

    Made with Pull-Through method & mesh bag. A salvaged Cuties bag, chop sticks & gear ties kept it in shape at the bottom of mold, then pulled up & through the soap batter. The male torso is what gave me the name for this vegan 70% hard oils soap. Fragrance: Dragon's Blood.
  8. Pull-Through Soap - 2019May07

    Pull-Through Soap - 2019May07

    Another view of the same soap batch as the Pink Man Group soap that shows a male torso. 30% Soy wax, 30% OO, 15% Cocoa Butter, 15% Shea, 10% CO. 2% SF, [33% Lye] Fragrance: Dragon's Blood. Steph's M&M: Peacock Blue; Radically Reddish Neon; Cosmic Purple.
  9. ForTheDogs

    Thickening Shea Butter - Newbie here

    Hello everyone, My apologies straight away - I'm very new to this and I fear I'll be asking questions that some may find silly. I'm your classic, "Let's have a go at this" guy that fell in love with melt and pour, got halfway ok at it and now I'm obsessed. Many soaps I do are actually not bad...
  10. L

    Soap is too pretty to use / good enough to eat

    Hi! I started selling my artisan soaps at craft fairs. I've got a lot of attention coz it's not common where I'm from. People who stop and admire my stuff say it's good enough to eat (i make chocolate scented cupcakes) or they say it's too pretty to use (my lavender drop swirl soaps). I do get...
  11. S

    Playing With Salt Bars

    I love salt bars! :smile: This soap is scented with Sweet Cake's Snow place like home FO. I used 8 different colors of mica to swirl with.
  12. goji_fries

    Swirls didn't work?

    :oops::oops::oops::oops: I tried the coat hanger method on this charcoal clay batch. The coat hanger was the length of the laof and when through it about 10 times. It seems to have not...
  13. K

    Playing with HP Swirls

    I wasn't sure where to post this so please correct me if there is a better place. As most of you... patience is NOT my virtue! So I've been playing with my HP batches trying to get some creative results. I was pretty happy with this one. Forgive the crappy photos. I'm moving and only had my...