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  1. DomTheDillyHoo

    I need help with kaolin clay

    Hello! I read somewhere that you should be putting 2/4 grams of kaolin clay per pound of oils (.5 - 1 teaspoon), and you should be mixing kaolin clay with 1 part clay and 1 part water. Lets say for my recipe im adding 8 grams of kaolin clay.. Should I be putting 8 grams of the kaolin clay+water...
  2. tildy

    40% OFF instock Soapalooza Fragrance Oil Moving Blow Out Sale!

    Moving Sale! Get 40% off INSTOCK Soapalooza Fragrance oils! Use the coupon code 40OFFSALE during check out at This is for INSTOCK fragrances only. I am moving cross country in March 2022, and have to deplete standing stock by Feb. All fragrances are time tested and...
  3. J

    My Version of LUSH Outback Mate Soap

    Hey, I am since few days about to work on my first Soap that looks like the Outback Mate Soap from Lush. There are couple of Tutorials about it, but nobody made it with Glycerin and Transparent like Lush. Because they changed some things about here recipe, I have to ask for your help. My...
  4. Niecee

    Soap Frosting

    Hi I'm fairly new to soap making but I finally decided to try my hand in soap cupcakes and frosting. So guidance is needed lol. Question what is a good starter recipe for the frosting do I use my regular base recipe, do I add more butters? Most importantly do I avoid gel phase and pop it in the...
  5. Niecee

    Forgot a butter in my CP soap should I rebatch?

    I was attempting my first swirl recipe , and the next day I realized I forgot to add my mango butter. Do I hot process to save it, or is my soap ruined? 12oz olive oil 10oz coconut oil 10oz palm oil 4oz grapeseed oil 4oz mango butter 12.24oz water (10% discount) 5.64oz lye (5% sf)
  6. SaltedFig

    SMF Soap Challenges ... across the years

    Our SMF soapmaking challenges have been running for over three years. As always, they are hosted by members of this forum and the contestants receive no prize for their winning entries ... except, perhaps, for the adulation of their peers. This is a look back, across history, at the...
  7. S

    I'm making a soy milk soap but..

    I am a pharmacy college student and my final project is to make a formulation of soy milk soap. I'm about to add excipients such as: 1. Soymilk, as the main ingredient. 2. Coconut oil and olive oil as the combination of oil bases, 3. NLS as surfactant (to add more foam - I don't know what to...
  8. B

    am i ever going to get this right?

    Frustrated my CP soap I Made looks so pretty and smells so great but is really soft & has been in mold a little less then 3 days. My husband & I un-molded really carefully and have not cut it,we are seeing if maybe we can get some air flow around it....every thing in the soap-making process went...
  9. B


    Oh my I'm so embarrassed but I'm so horrible @ math and I have researched & researched but just do not get it so here it goes... OK so I have a few questions that I'm sure you all know.....OK so I have to measure my Lye that has to be measured in weight & I do have a scale but I'm so...
  10. B

    Hp in crock pot ??

    Hello everyone :wave: I'm new to soaping & this forum. So I have made Hp/crock-pot 2x and both times chose to use two different colors. The process seemed to go well but even though I know it can be gloppy when putting in mold when I un-molded the 2 layers of color separated on me.Does anyone...
  11. Crombie

    Greetings from the Shenandoah Valley!

    I made my first soap three weeks ago - a cocoa and peppermint body bar recipe I found on the internet. My co-workers loved it! I do not have a creative bone in my body but stayed up that night and gave my soap a name and logo and label and wrapped them - really cute. Right now I am only doing...