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  1. Cake or soap!

    Cake or soap!

    I had some (and by some i mean probably a metric tonne) of soap bars. so i wanted to come up with a way of christmassing some up. what do we think?
  2. M

    Little timy bumps in soap.

    Anyone know why these little bump pops up on soap. Is it my temperature? Or bubbles? Any advice would be greatly appreciated?
  3. A

    Can you use CP soap as a base for M&P?

    Hi all! I was wondering if you could just make a generic CP soap with very good bubbles and lather, for example 90%Coconut oil, 10% Castor Oil, and some sugar, but NO superfatting, and then just melt it and add 5% of oils purely for conditioning, for example Shea Butter and Olive oil. Would it...
  4. katiemarie1986

    Butterfly Swirl

    So I am pretty excited about this soap! My design came through on enough bars to make it worth the effort LOL I used Atomic Orange, Love and Sunshine, and Titanium Dioxide from Nurture, and the scent is Awaken by Nurture. I call this bar Hello Sunshine! One of my best sellers with a new design...
  5. Tomato Cosmic Swirl Soap - 2016July01

    Tomato Cosmic Swirl Soap - 2016July01

    My first attempt at a Cosmic Swirl didn't turn out very cosmic. This was my second Tomato soap made with red tomato paste or tomato sauce. Plain batter was pale beige; red oxide, green mica for color. Dragon's Blood FO.
  6. SoapWelding 2019June16

    SoapWelding 2019June16

    Soap Welding experiment based on Grace's technique as described in her eBook and this video: Cut into 3 pieces & welded back together via water at joins, tightly wrapped in plastic wrap & into 200° oven for 10-20 minutes, then cooled.
  7. D

    Soap PH level

    Hello everyone, What is your experience with soap PH? How much does it matter and how does it influence the soap? Also, do you find that shampoo bars should have a different PH than body soap bars? And how do you measure PH? If the water is harder, has a different PH and also the resunting...
  8. Dean

    Vegan Palm Free Soap

    Post your favorite vegan and palm-free recipe. Mine is here.
  9. MySoapyHeart

    Curing soap - the proof sure is in the pudding!

    This will be perhaps a bit of a long read, and I understand if you can`t be bothered. But I just want to give you the background of why I felt so happy about this experience! And please understand, this is not a post to pat myself on the back, but I really wanted to add to what the above title...
  10. Misschief

    Tallow and My Husband

    So, first a short back story. I've only recently gotten back into soap making and found a recipe for soap using tallow that I REALLY wanted to try. I got in touch with a local butcher to see if they had any tallow I could render and was told that, yes, they have it but they also have rendered...
  11. S

    HELP! first time to make soap. i dont know if its right.

    good day guys! its my first time here and my first time to make a soap. the problem is i dont know if i have done it correctly. i followed the instruction carefully but after a day of leaving it in the mold its still not hard so i waited 4 more days before cutting it, but still its soft. but i...
  12. xoticsoaps

    Can You Identify The Soap Mold Used?

    I tried to do a reverse image search on Google, but that just gave a list of sites that use it as a stock photo, not sites that may sell the mold. I don't even know what you would call the shape other than a 'rounded rectangle'. Searching that won't get me anywhere either, I promise you.
  13. S

    Help! I think something went wrong

    Hello everyone, I am very new to soap making and two days ago I made my very first shampoo bar. After it had sat for 48hrs it had the appearance of vaseline. The soap was solid but had a transparent, glossy look. Now i split this batch up, most of the batch was poured into a bigger mold and...
  14. xoticsoaps

    What's the best weight for sample soap?

    I want to make oval-shaped sample versions of my full-size bars of soap, but the soap mold I want to use stated that the soap cavities were 104g each. This translates to about 3.6oz! My full-size bars of soap are going to be 4oz, so the weight of the sample soap needs to be much less than 3.6oz...
  15. P

    Bubble bath soap bars

    Im wondering if it's possible to make bubble bath soap with soap shavings? If so is there a recipe somewhere online? I have all these old soap bars and want to make something new and creative with them. Thank you in advance.:grin: