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  1. Grace131

    Shave Soap Disaster!! Help

    I would love to pick you soapers brains. I tried to make my first shave soap today, and it was a disaster. My recipe has 45% stearic acid, dual lye 60/40. I usually make cp soap, so this was a whole new experience for me. I don't like stearic acid, the high melt point puts me off lol. First off...
  2. Teapot

    Shaving soap - tallow or dripping?

    Hello soapers. UK soaper here. I want to try making some shaving soap, and after reading through this monster thread: I'm about ready to try some test batches, and want to try the initial recipe (stearic acid and...
  3. Z

    Shaving soap recipe

    I haven't made soap before, but I enjoy DIY projects After reading a fair amount of info on shave soap specifically as well as general soap making, I've come here to get feedback on a hypothetical recipe. I'd like to know if there are any glaring errors in formulation, if you've tried anything...
  4. Draugr Rekkr

    To Shaving soap! Away!!!

    I haven't posted sooner because I've been fumbling around trying to find out info on what makes a good shaving soap and from what I have found KoH is important and was the last ingredient I got along with the lanolin but these are the ingredients I have for my "first" real attempt at making...
  5. D

    Fragrancing aftershave

    I made a fantastic shave soap and I'm wanting to make a matching aftershave. I have the base recipe worked out, but the fragrance is hanging me up. I'm not sure if I'm restricted to EO's. If so, I might be outta luck. I guess my question is can I use FO in alcohol based aftershave without risk...
  6. D

    scenting a shave soap

    I have made multiple 3lb batches of modified CP shave soap using approximately 1oz of FO, but the scents don't POP like other soaps. Any suggestions on making scents more pronounced?
  7. J

    Newbie question re Songwind thread

    On the very first page of the Songwind Shaving Soap thread, the OP gives the amounts of stearic, coconut oil, glycerin and essential oils they used for their small batch of shave soap. They say they saponified...
  8. N

    Packaging Warping

    Hello. I was hoping I could get some troubleshooting/advice from you guys. I purchased some plastic cosmetic tubs from Bulk Apothecary to use with my shave croap. The problem I am having is when I fill the jars about half of the time they warp in the middle giving them an hourglass like shape...
  9. imagineflagons

    Glycerin in shave soap

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a long while but this is my first post. I hope it's appropriate. I've noticed a lot of artisan shave soap makers have a relatively high level of glycerin in their recipes, i.e., they're high in their ingredients lists compared to other ingredients, oils...
  10. G

    Shave soap recipe drying my skin

    Hi All, I have been experimenting with shaving soaps. My original challenge was getting a stable, creamy lather. Thanks to people in this forum, I am well on track to getting this. However, I am having a new issue. After shaving with the soap, my skin is left extremely dry. I have read...
  11. G

    Tips for increasing lather stability in shave soap

    Hi All, I recently started experimenting with making shaving soap using hot process. Although my recipe lathered easily, it was way too bubbly. By the time I would finish shaving one side of my face, the lather on the other side would have disappeared. Any tips/tricks to getting a thicker...
  12. inquebiss

    Finally, a decent shave soap!

    After many failed attempts and even some complete disasters, I've finally formulated a legitimate working shave soap. There are tweaks to be made, but considering how hard it has been to find information or even a good starting place, I thought I would share what I have. Here is my hot process...
  13. Goldsmith

    Shave Soap Approach

    I dont know if this the right place to ask this within the forum but I would like to develop my own shave soap for personal use. I have done a few batches of regular CP soap with some success but I think the whole shave soap affair must be a different animal. I was wondering if anyone can give...