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  1. slspencer


    I have been making soap for over a year now and have not come across any problems. That being said I had some issues with ricing today, I didn't blend it out (as I have not dealt with this before) and just put it into my loaf mold. Will I be able to use this soap or am I going to have to rebatch...
  2. tammy sue starks

    big mistake, I forgot the coconut oil

    This is my recipe calculated on majestic mountain sage 250 g castor oil 1000 g coconut oil (which I forgot) 1700 g olive oil 1200 g lard 1500 g tallow 774 g sodium hydroxide 1800 ml distilled water 5 tbsp colloidal oatmeal using brambleberry fragrance calculator I put in 135 g milk and honey fo...
  3. Sar

    CP soap scraps into liquid soap without heating

    Hello, everyone! I supply wholesale CP soaps and have a lot of scraps and rejected bars which we recycle by grating/ cutting and then letting it sit in a bit of water for 48 hours, occasionally stirring. We usually eyeball the soap to water ratio - the water just about covers the soap bits...
  4. catbinch

    Rebatched soap possibly gone wrong

    Hey everyone, i am in a conundrum. Today i tried to rebatch soap that didnt take a fragrance oil very well, so i dissolved it in water (enough to cover the top of the shredded soap) and let it sit until it coagulated to a very very thick slime, then i put it in a pot to heat up on mid-low. After...
  5. DianaMoon


    I'm thinking of rebatching my very first batch. Why not? They've only been in the molds (used 1 cup plastic containers) since Saturday night and are pretty new. I stupidly did not line them and had to chisel out one this morning. I don't care about the looks but the soap looks rather bland and...
  6. Teapot

    Planning a rebatch. Should I add anything?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here but have been reading these boards for a couple of months now and have already learned a lot from you folks :) My first batch of CP soap was made 16th Jan, so about six weeks ago. It was the following recipe: 6oz canola oil (42.86%) 4oz coconut oil (28.57%) 4oz...
  7. C

    Lye Pockets/Rebatching Advice

    Hello and Thanks in Advance for any help you can offer! I made my first yogurt soap a couple of weeks ago, and long story short, I'm pretty sure there were a few very small undissolved lye flakes in my yogurt and water solution (they were frozen). I believe I just discovered a very small lye...
  8. Ravenscourt Apothecary

    Soap Sweating & Probably Not Enough Lye - Help Please?

    Please help me figure out how to fix this: I made a batch last night using my old (unscented) recipe, measuring it all out and doing everything the usual way (or so I thought). I noticed right away that the batter took its sweet time reaching a trace - much longer than normal I'd say. When it...
  9. C

    Rebatching Question

    Hi, I recently made some soap and used too much castor oil and ended up with a sticky soap. I want to rebatch it and am not sure how to go about it. Can I make a completely new soap and go about the regular rebatching process (grating it, adding water, etc) for both soaps? By both soaps I...
  10. M

    Too much Castor Oil

    Hi. I'm new here. I made soap years ago and just started again around this time last year. Tonight, I did something Ive never done before. I used up a a partial bottle of olive oil and opened a new one to finish the amount. Later when I was cleaning up, I realized, I'd opened a new bottle of...
  11. E

    Will Rebatching Help with Clumpy Titanium Dioxide?

    Hello all, For the first time, I'm considering rebatching some soap, but I want to be sure it will solve the problem before I do so. I made a batch of cold process coffee soap and was pretty happy - it actually smells like coffee and cocoa butter. Unfortunately, I not only didn't use...
  12. T


    I have tried to rebatch soap, carefully following directions I've read in books. (I am trying to rebatch a successful basic cold- precessed soap. My soap goes from slightly melted to suddenly balled up like bread dough that is ready to be kneaded! It never reaches the watery cottage cheese or "...