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  1. newlee

    PH of lotions and creams

    Does anyone test the PH of their lotions and creams? Just saw a video were that was suggested. Apparently, preservatives can cause lotions and creams to be acidic. The presenter's cream was less than 4 (tested with a meter) so she added a lye solution to bring it up to a little over 5 PH. Just...
  2. D

    Soap PH level

    Hello everyone, What is your experience with soap PH? How much does it matter and how does it influence the soap? Also, do you find that shampoo bars should have a different PH than body soap bars? And how do you measure PH? If the water is harder, has a different PH and also the resunting...
  3. F

    Zap Test - what is it?

    I'm new to soaping and have read that you should test the PH of your soaps. A lot of what I've read on this site mentions the 'zap' test. What is that and how do you perform it? I also read about some chemical (can't remember the name now but I think it started with a 'T') was also useful in...
  4. F

    Pleeeeaseeee help!!!!!

    I tried for the first time to make liquid soap, I've used hot process a long time and I never had any problem.... since, I tried to meet the monster of LIQUIDS.... I calculated and measured my ingredients right, I didn't superfat at all, I cooked for almost 4 hours but when it came at vaseline...