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  1. CleanWorks

    Will it soap

    Just made my first batch of soap and made the mistake of pouring water on lye, as I poured it I used an immersion blender and backed away when I saw the smoke and let it rest for a while before I went back in and stirred some more, it didn’t spill out of the bowl luckily. I continued the rest of...
  2. C

    Liquid Palm Oil at Room Temperature

    Hi all! First time post here! I’ve made a few batches of CP soap and it was time to resupply, so I bought some ingredients from Brambleberry including two pounds of Palm Oil. When it arrived it was quite liquid, which didn’t concern me because I expected it to get to the 95 degree melting point...
  3. J

    Orange edges on top of doap

    Hi, I am new to this forum and have been soap making for about 6 months. I made some soap yesterday using tobacco and bay leaf FO. I used coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, shea butter and sweet almond oil. I cut it today and noticed an orange color on the edges and top of the soap. This...
  4. R

    Help! White streaks/spots in soap

    Hello everyone! I’ve been making soap for a few months now, and I keep getting batches with white spots on them. I think it’s either titanium dioxide or kaolin clay. Any ideas? How can I prevent it in the future? Thanks In advance!
  5. GrannyTidbits

    Hello! New here - appreciate advice.

    Hello. I have never made my own soap but have always wanted to. I found a lot of advice on how to buy soap and melt it to pour into molds but that is not what I am looking for! I appreciate your help on good resources for learning, books, YouTube, supplies, and where to buy them. I am only...
  6. NewToSoapMaking

    Where do I start?

    Hello all. I’m new to all this. I’m in South Wales and I think I’m trying to gallop. I’ve bought everything I could need. But I’m just waiting on my first ‘melt & pour’ blocks to arrive to start, I hope I’ll progress to the oil&lye method soon. I’ve started looking at all the legalities and...
  7. myjslux81

    A little introduction from a Newbie Visually Impaired Soapmaker

    Hi there! My name is Jenny Lux. I am not sure if I am doing this correctly but I saw that this thread was for new soap makers. The reason I am not sure if I am inserting my introduction in the right place is because I am legally blind/visually impaired. Due to birth defect and glaucoma, I have...
  8. K

    Hello, totally new soaping student

    Hello! My name is Kat and I transition my crafty studies to encompass a new medium once every couple of years or so. I thought it would be good practice to a) learn how to become independent of the commercial premade soap supply chain, which is currently very stressed in America because everyone...
  9. Stuart Graham

    shampoo bar SCI based correct proportions?

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and I'm planning on making my own shampoo bar. I payed for a local course to learn to make one and on that course we actually made one. The results are not bad, in fact my hair feels good. However, I encountered two problems: After subsequent tries, the bar looks...
  10. R

    Soap making do’s and don’t

    I added more lye beads to the oil and lye mix solution. The beads did not dissolve. Will this cause the soap to be caustic? Is this a do or a don’t?
  11. Katy Brown

    Roses in cold processed soap

    I am new to soaping. I got some roses as a gift and was wondering if they can be used in a soap recipe as fresh petals, or rose water?
  12. AliciaE

    Newbie with TONS of questions

    Hi all! To say I’m new to the art of cold pressed soaping would be an understatement. My husband decided out of nowhere that he thought we should get into soap making and start a small side hussle at the local market for fun. Being the DIY, craft crazy nut I am, I jumped right on board. That...
  13. B

    I don't know if I need help?

    So yeah, I got into soap making (hot process) but messed it up a few times. Attepmt 1: used alluminium pot 2: PTFE pot but scratched the pot and the KOH reacted with the alluminium beneath. 3: the mixture didn't trace at ALL and after moulding it's still wet (72hrs have passed) Current...
  14. U

    New here from California

    Hello fellow crafters! So glad to find this forum. I've been binge reading lye-based forum primarily but will check out the rest as well! I started middle of this year with soapmaking for home but the hobby quicky became a bit more intense. I tried selling my creations on a neighbor's holiday...
  15. DarthZombie

    Hey There, from California.

    Hi, I’m Casey. California born and raised. I realized a few months ago that I absolutely adore anything having to do with having a more luxurious bath. I’m actually here for all the bath bomb/shower steamer talk. Though I wouldn’t mind dabbling in soap too, once I get to that point. I’m...
  16. Kelly Frizzell

    NewBEE from Saskatchewan says "Hello"

    Hello, I have always loved learning, DIY, and doing crafts and now that I am retired from teaching (June 2105) I have more time to do and try many things. We have one son but are empty nesters; I live with my husband, who is also a retired (June 2018) teacher, our two Harlequin Great Danes, four...
  17. Nan D.

    Very New

    Hi, I'm Nan from Arizona. I just started making melt and pour soaps yesterday. I ordered 2 lbs of pifito base from Amazon and have already used it all :) This is going to be an adventure!October m&p by Nan D. posted Oct 20, 2018 at 12:40 AM
  18. B

    Aspiring soap maker

    Hello all! I have recently discovered soap making and I would love to learn how to do it. I have done lots of research into the craft. I have decided to start with MP just to get a general idea but would eventually like to dive into CP. I’m just looking for general tips, tricks and...
  19. V

    Ty for the ad newbie here

    Newbie hope to learn and make friendship