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  1. B

    EO in dog soap

    Hi, I have recently started making soap and made a recipe for a dog shampoo. When it is slightly more cured, I am going to test the pH to make sure it is right for dogs but until then, I was wondering about the dosage of essential oils. I've made a lavender scented loaf, where I steeped dried...
  2. shermluge

    Finally back making soaps after the Passing of my companion..

    Peeps June 1st 2000 - July 25th 2020 she is even on my logo.. I miss her.. (yes, she had her own place at the table). Here are my two newest creations: Man Bars with Pine, Cedar and Sandalwood scent. The "Not my Grandma's Lard Bar's, Lavender"
  3. elurah

    Lavender and Heavy Cream; indigo drop swirl.

    I made this soap 3/31/2020, and was able to cut it 4/1/2020 after 18 hours in the mold. I was originally planning to have one thin line of indigo in the middle that was made from a drop swirl, but I ended making more of the blue part than needed o_O. I still really like the way it came out...
  4. Saponomancer

    Lavender Hearts

    I did a little soap to donate to help a sweet little boy with some medical bills, and I asked him what scent he would like and he said lavender! So I got to work: CPoP, 50% OO 25% Lard 20% Coconut and 5% Castor. It has Kaolin clay, Vinegar, and Citric Acid in it. I used Lavender 40/42, which...
  5. DeeAnna

    Lip Balm need advice !

    The stronger odor and dark color of the beeswax most likely means you are using wax that has been mostly harvested from brood comb (the comb that bees raise babies in). Wax from brood comb is not something you want to use in lip balm, in my opinion. If you want wax that smells better and is...
  6. KimT2au

    ooohhhh, the aroma is changing.

    I went into my sewing room today and instead of the overpowering smell of lavender (well I thought it was overpowering but I do have a very sensitive nose) I am starting to smell the coconut from the coconut oil I used. Don't worry, I won't be giving you a daily update on the curing of my first...
  7. KimT2au

    Do I need to dilute essential oils when I add them in cold process soap.

    Hi all I was following a recipe today that called for 14 g of lavender essential oil for 1,300 gm oil. When I ran the recipe through soapcalc to check the figures I had been given their recommendation was the same. When I came to add the oil I only had about 5 g so I used it all. I only made...
  8. I

    Tips on making dried flowers stick to CP soap

    I have been playing around with different scents and dried flowers lately For some reason every time I try to put dried lavender buds on the top of my cold process soap it does not stick. EX. I made a loaf two days ago after I had poured on the mold I added the lavender buds. Two days after...
  9. Saffron

    Lavender and Tea Tree - Endocryne Disrupters?

    I thought the theory that Lavender and Tea Tree EOs caused hormonal problems in boys was proved to be false (can't find the reference now), but here is an article again in today's news confirming the link...
  10. P

    Smell in Lavender Soap

    I made a batch of CP soap using Lavender EO. I start using the soap after curing for 3mth and smell of lavender is still. During shower, the lavender smell is there but after washing, there is no more smell of lavender on my skin. Any advice how to have the lavender smell on the skin...
  11. C

    Using home-grown lavender in CP soap?

    My mother-in-law is home-growing some lavender plants, and while she was showing them to me she wondered aloud if I would be able to use them in my soap. Has anyone had experience in using fresh lavender plants to scent their CP soap? We thought maybe if we let the leaves (or maybe even the...
  12. M

    Is this a partial gel??

    Hello, Last night I made a Lavender Chamomile Greek Yogurt CP Soap. I poured it into the mold at 9PM and put it into the freezer with a thin piece of cardboard covering it- to prevent gel. I left it in freezer for 12 hours. Then I moved it to the fridge for 6 hours. Then I left it on counter...
  13. L

    Lavender & Oat Soap

    Here's my lavender and oat soap. It is scented with lavender eo and tea tree eo. Finely ground oats were added too. I tried something different this time! I used coconut water that was frozen into cubes. The coconut water came from a coconut that fell from a tree in our neighborhood. The...
  14. K

    Soap scents that attract the opposite sex

    I heard one time that women were attracted to the smell of pumpkin, so I thought I could make myself some soap that smelled like pumpkin. But, on further research it looks like it's actually men not women that are attracted to the smell of pumpkin. So there goes that idea. Btw ladies, I...
  15. bridgetmoon

    Bath Melt Problem!! lol

    Hi Everyone. Been ages since i been on here but i been working on bath melts lately and the problem is, they're made from: Shea Butter Coconut Oil Palm Oil Lavender Oil + Lavender Seeds and liquid dye. So I popped them in the fridge as per usual. Took them out, thought i'd leave them...