Is this a partial gel??

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Mar 26, 2014
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Last night I made a Lavender Chamomile Greek Yogurt CP Soap. I poured it into the mold at 9PM and put it into the freezer with a thin piece of cardboard covering it- to prevent gel. I left it in freezer for 12 hours. Then I moved it to the fridge for 6 hours. Then I left it on counter for 2 hours and cut it. It looks like it partially gelled but I don't understand why if I put it in freezer and fridge for that amount of time. Could it just be moisture that hasn't gone away yet? Would it cause this kind of look? I hate the look of a partial gel. I am including the recipe and a picture for reference. Thanks in advance!!

2oz Sweet Almond Oil
3oz Beeswax
Castor Oil 8oz
Cocoa Butter 4oz
Coconut Oil 9oz
Grapeseed Oil 2oz
Olive Oil 10oz
Shea Butter 6oz
Sunflower Oil 10oz

Lye 6.9oz
Water 17.8oz

After my oils cooled, I added ground lavender seeds, ground oats and ground chamomile flowers. I did this before adding the Lye mixture. I also added 3 and a half oz of vanilla greek yogurt before adding lye mixture. I stick blended this, then added lye mixture and stirred and stick blended again. Once I reached a light trace, I added lavender EO and sandalwood EO. I then poured into two molds- a pringle can and a 3lb loaf mold. Both molds have this partial gel look, despite the freezer and fridge attempts. Any thoughts? After slicing, I put them back in the freezer hoping it doesnt get worse!

A lot of times milk soaps, yogurt soaps can be touchy. They like to heat up
Yep, thats partial gel. Some additives like dairy and sugar will make your soap get hotter and it can start to gel before the center gets cooled off in the freezer. No reason to have the cut soap in the freezer now, gel is done.
It should lighten up some with cure.
Thank you all for your responses. I thought a partial gel might've been the case, unfortunately. Should I have left it in the freezer longer than 12 hours? Is there any way to minimize the appearance of the partial gel? I have a nice soap stamp that says "Handmade Soaps" with a floral design...maybe stamping over it might make it look less unattractive. Any ideas to improve the appearance? Thanks again!!
When soaping with milks/sugars sometimes the batter is heating up after being put into the mold. You could try chilling your mold before pouring and that may help, some fragrances also can cause it to heat up. It will fade with cure and may not be as noticeable.
The partial gel is taking place before it is in the freezer long enough to cool to the core. This is why I have stopped trying to use the freezer to prevent gel. I just go ahead and wrap it while it is out on the counter, and gel the whole thing. I do check it often in the first four or so hours to not have volcano soap.
As the soap dries out and cures that ring will fade a lot, you will barely be able to see it. Go ahead and use your stamp, it will look great in 6 weeks.
You were all right. In just a matter of days, the soaps have faded drastically. The partial gel ring is barely visible anymore at this point in time. Will it fade even more as the weeks pass during the curing stage? The actual color of the soap seems to have changed a bit, too. It went from a pale yellow to a light brown. I kind of like it, though. It looks like the color of coffee with lots of milk in looks nice with the chamomile flowers I pressed on the top of the rectangular bars. Thanks again!