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  1. Jerseycity MG

    Tan streaks?

    I am newish to soap making. I made a perfect batch of this before and this mornings batch had these strange tan/grey streaks in the soap when I cut it. The bars from a mold (same batter) did not have this. I used the usual olive oil, Shea butter, coco butter, castor oil coconut oil combo but...
  2. B

    EO in dog soap

    Hi, I have recently started making soap and made a recipe for a dog shampoo. When it is slightly more cured, I am going to test the pH to make sure it is right for dogs but until then, I was wondering about the dosage of essential oils. I've made a lavender scented loaf, where I steeped dried...
  3. sophiayun

    My first CP soap loaf haha

    I've only made some candles and MP soaps But wow CP is too much, I'm still learning here though I'm glad I finished my first loaf of CP soap! There's lots to learn Phewww Hopefully I can make my own recipe some time for my kids having a really bad eczema.
  4. lyschelw

    Adding lots more Special Order products to the website. Super low prices!

    In addition to our own custom crafted Phthalate Free and no filler scents and other candle making supplies we also sell all of Crafter's Choice products. We have certain stocked items in our inventory and we have just started selling Special Order items!! We can get anything that you want from...