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Adding lots more Special Order products to the website. Super low prices!

Discussion in 'Vendor Forum' started by lyschelw, Jun 9, 2018.

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    Feb 22, 2018
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    In addition to our own custom crafted Phthalate Free and no filler scents and other candle making supplies we also sell all of Crafter's Choice products. We have certain stocked items in our inventory and we have just started selling Special Order items!! We can get anything that you want from Crafter's Choice and it may only take a day or two longer.

    We also have super low sale prices on monthly items. Items that we are not allowed to post on the website! For instance, in our hidden section we have a pound of Lavender 40/42 EO for only $69! Check it out!
    Lavender 40-42 100 Pure Essential Oil copy.jpg
    If there is a Crafter's Choice product you want and we don't carry it TELL US. We will add it for you to order at the lowest possible price!
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