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  1. C

    Is this DOS?

    Hi, I need some help! I made a lemon and poppyseed soap a week ago, I cut it yesterday and saw a orange hue all around the edges. Is this DOS? I always thought it appeared in spots rather than around the edges Or is it something else, maybe to do with the essential oils? I used Lemon and May...
  2. akseattle

    How do you store your CP during the curing process

    New Question: 1) How do you store your CP soap during the curing process, and 2) then how do you store your CP soap after its 6 week or so of curing? I've seen very mixed information. Usually, when I see photos of soapmaker's storage areas, I see soaps laid out on baker's racks. Sometimes on...
  3. L

    Can soap salts go rancid?

    Chemistry experts, please forgive any wrong wording. 😅 After 2 batches that shouldn't develop DOS did in my humid apartment, I've fixed the humidity, but I'm also second-guessing my understanding of DOS, HP, and rancidity in soap. Can soap salts go rancid? Is it only the superfat that...
  4. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Bad behaved yellow. Yellow / brown to mask DOS?

    Why is the rich yellow color from annatto fading so strangely in S38? The color of both bars started out being homogenous and with the same intense yellow. (20% of oil was infused with annatto seeds at 1 g seeds to 1 g oil before seeds were strained off.) However, the color of S38 is fading in...
  5. peachymoon


    Hi all! I'm not sure what to make of this. I made these brine bars a couple of months ago. Last week I noticed a yellow spot on one of the bars and the others were all clear. This week, another bar has spots in two places. I have been curing these on an aluminum cookie sheet with parchment...
  6. B

    Dos Storage problems

    Hi Everyone, I have recently been making my first batch of coconut oil soap with a 20% superfat. The bars are simply wonderful to use and its probably one of my favourite recipes to date. The problem I'm having is with DOS. I recently in the summer tried a few other recipes, all with a blend...
  7. EllieMae


    I did my first swirl attempt earlier this week (Wednesday - 2 days ago) and added lavender flowers for the first time. Just checked on it in the mold (first time since pouring) and it appears I already have DOS (pretty sure...), specifically around the lavender flowers. Is this typical when...
  8. J

    DOS and metal cutters.

    Hi, I am new to CP soap making. On reading about metal contact causing DOS spots, I wonder about using metal cutters (which I have been using). Would using the metal cutters (I use straight and wavy ones) start the reaction that would cause DOS? Thank you for any advice or experience with this!
  9. A

    DOS but Oil Doesn't Seem to be Rancid

    I'm pretty new to CP soapmaking and have made four batches so far. For batch #1 I used an organic EVOO (I know, sounds extreme, but it was all I had and wanted to get started). For batches #2,3,4 I've been using a an olive oil from Costco that is 15% extra virgin. The recipe is mostly OO with a...
  10. R

    What is going on???

    Hi, am a beginner (just started last month!) and I’ve been looking for an answer about what I’m doing wrong. The last two batches of soap I’ve made have turned out with brownish greenish spots on all the bars, straight out of the mold. I thought it was DOS, but then I read it was too soon for...
  11. KimT2au

    Is this DOS?

    I was so impressed by the work in last month's challenge that I thought I would like to try my hand at some soap carving. I decided to make the soap in two sections thinking that when I carved the soap I would hopefully feel the difference in texture and not dig too deeply into the soap. I...
  12. poramor

    Only my peppermint CP soaps develop DOS!

    I would be very grateful if some fellow member could help me with this dilema. I make 25 pound batches of cold process soap which I divide at light trace into four sub-batches with different essential oils and additives. The last sub-batch I work on is the simplest one, with only peppermint...
  13. M

    Oh No! Is this DOS?

    This is my 4th batch of CP soap, and my first attempt at swirl. It has only been curing 3 hours in a warm oven and seems to be sweating an orange oil (I didn't use an orange oil). I can post my recipe & process if that helps. IMG_4461 by Michelle Gaylor posted Sep 12, 2018 at 3:37 PM
  14. DianaMoon

    Canola - Does it Cause DOS or Not?

    I've heard so many bad things about Canola causing DOS but I am skeptical. It's just an oil with a certain FA profile & should not cause DOS of itself. Perhaps the oil was rancid to begin with, or on the way to rancidity...? I do not know. What are people's experiences w/Canola. There is a...
  15. elurah

    How much DOS is too much DOS?

    Hi lovely Soapers, I wanted to reach out about the DOS. I have three 4 oz bars out of about 15lbs of soap that have one DOS mark. They are from different batches, all made 1+ year ago. They were not next to each other. They were handled by hand without gloves. They are stored on a glass...
  16. Dean

    Soap Spoilage

    If a bar is comprised of various oils with the oil with the shortest shelf life being 1 year, can it be expected that the bar will go rancid/DOS after one year without preservatives? Does HP, CP or super-fat make a difference?
  17. N

    Me vs DOS (and more)...the epic battle

    Some of you may remember my attempts to figure out what caused a round of DOS'ing in my soaps. I decided to post the battle in case it helps anyone else! It all starts a few months ago.... Same recipe I've been using pretty much since I started, hundreds of bars and a ton of batches successful...
  18. L

    Recipe Check, Questions re: Jojoba/Meadowfoam

    Hello, all! I figured I'd post what recipe I've been tweaking and playing with lately, and see if anyone had any suggestions or ideas for improvement. Cocoa butter, 15% Coconut Oil, 25% Olive Oil, 36% Rice Bran Oil, 10% Castor Oil, 8% Meadowfoam Oil, 4% Jojoba Oil, 2% Half my...
  19. sandy1919

    hp soap making question

    I've been making cp soap for a long time for family and friends. In all that time, there have been only one or two batches that have developed orange spots. Last year I tried hp processing and 4 out of five of my batches developed orange spots and also became rancid. I used the same oils I...
  20. R

    DOS - Dreaded Orange Spots - let's track the cause!

    I seem to find that some recipes tend to prodigiously produce these nasty looking spots after some time while other recipes seem immune to the issue. All my soaps are made and stored the same and all come from the same source for ingredients. I do tend to put a fairly large variety of...