CPOP French green clay with indigo embeds

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Jan 21, 2014
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So Cal
Moving on from the indigo journey, I made a soap this weekend using French green clay. I also tried a new recipe that added palm and hemp oil to the basic olive, coconut and castor oils.

I used 2 tsp per pound of soap of the French green clay per SMR website, mixed in a little water stolen from before the lye was added, and then combined with the batter.

This was my first try at embedding, to keep it simple I just cut long rectangles from a bar of 2 week old blue soap that were square on the ends. From suggestions in this forum I rinsed a little water over the sticks to soften them a bit before putting them in the mold with the batter.

Because our previous CPOP of 2 hours in a 170 deg oven seemed to hot, this time I just put the loaf in a 170 deg oven and then turned the oven off. Id read somewhere here that CPOP helps with embeds and I was worried about these because they weren't very new soap and had already cured.

Overall I think it went well. I would like cleaner lines on the embeds - not sure how though. I do like the gelled green color - I think the hemp made it more avocado-y - and how the top looks like brains :p The scent is tangerine 5x, eucalyptus and litsea cubeba, and it smells fresh.

My phone camera seems to exaggerate the spots - I don't remember them being this noticeable.


cut 1.JPG
Fun looking soap! I have only done embedding once, but your soap inspires me to try again!
Anna Marie
{trots off to watch the video and see how the big kids do it}
What a great video!
I was worried about little cubes clumping into a wad and wasn't sure how to incorporate them. Ill try this way next time, it makes a fun pattern the way she did it.
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I have sticks cut just like this in a paper bag just waiting for me to play with them. Thanks for showing what it will actually look like. This will be my next soap ... your's look very fun.