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  1. Brittany Shaneyfelt

    Allergic to everything

    Hi!! New here! I'm here to post for my mother who has developed some pretty severe allergies to glycols and linalool so we have been looking into her making her own soaps. She wants to make a soap bar and a shampoo and conditioner bar avoiding glycols and linalool...we are absolutely desperate...
  2. Mauve

    Types of cetearyl alcohol and preservatives in conditioner bar and their difference

    Hi! I'm planning to make my first conditioner bar with this recipe that i found here, and the ingredients im plan on using are: 30% btms 50 30% cetearyl alcohol 15% shea butter 15% castor oil 3,5% grapeseed/coconut/olive oil/shea butter (i'm not sure which one, it's for bleached hair) 1%...
  3. S

    Conditioner Bars with ACV or Citric Acid?

    Hi everyone! I’ve been doing some research trying to figure out how to make a natural hair conditioner bar. Currently I am making my shampoo bars using cold process soap and so I want to figure out how to make a conditioner bar that is more acidic. Essentially, I want the conditioner bar to be...
  4. Mobjack Bay

    Colorant questions for shampoo and conditioner bars

    I’m trying to decide if I should buy new colorants for coloring the shampoo and conditioner bar bases I’m experimenting with. I’ve seen shampoo bars with micas and oxides which is what I used for my first round of testing. Getting the oxides evenly dispersed was a little bit of a challenge, but...
  5. M

    Making shampoo & conditioners

    Hey, everyone!! I was wondering if anyone make shampoo and conditioner? This is something that I'm hitting a wall with like everytime. I've made liquid soap but how do I go about making shampoo?? Conditioner?? What do I add to make it gentle on your scalp? My hair is very brittle right because...
  6. R

    Shampoo Bars/Conditioner bars

    Hi! Does anyone have a good link/recipe to shampoo bars or conditioner bars? Not soap bars made with lye. Looking for a recipe that are similar to the lush shampoo bars. I have not been able to find a good recipe to use. Thanks in advance!! Ruby
  7. F

    Problem with BTMS 50

    Hi guys! I recently received 25 lbs of BTMS 50 from Chemistry Store (states it's Incroquat from Croda), and my nailed down Conditioner Bar recipe is suddenly very soft and leaking oil. Nothing else in the recipe was changed and I made 3 separate batches all with the same issue. I made another...
  8. V

    Conditioner Bar Melts

    Hey, I am new in this forum, but I came here to hopefully get help with our conditioner bar problem. They are melting ! We live in the Philippines, so it is very humid and hot, but our shampoo bars have no problem with that . But for some reason our conditioner bars are kinda soft and keep on...