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  1. chrismorgan007

    Fixatives use in Anhydrous Body Butter Formulations

    Is anyone using a fixative in their anhydrous body butter formulations to prolong the scent of fragrance oils? If so, what are your recommendations. Thank you.
  2. H

    Inexpensive Silicone Alternatives?

    Hello, I’m looking to add a silicone or a silicone alternative to my emulsified body Butter. I literally love the way it feels on the skin and don’t want to change the recipe, I just wanna add a tiny bit a silicone to make it a bit less draggy. I’ve been looking on Swift’s website for silicone...
  3. H

    Lotions Melting?

    I’m a bit confused about the heat stability of lotions. I know that heat can compromise the stability of a lotion due to the oil/water molecules having more energy to separate, but what about melting? If I put a butter with a lower melting point, say Shea butter, in the lotion, and the lotion...
  4. S

    My whipped body butter turns chalky and hard after just an hour of being fluffy?!

    Hi there! I'm new to making whipped body butters, and I have done three trials so far. My third trial has been the most successful. However, after just an hour of being fluffy and applying smoothly (and being piped into air-tight mason jars), it turned chalky and basically solidified!! Now, I...
  5. S

    Body Butter Blend and Dead Skin

    Hello I am in desperate need of assistance. I made a body butter blend that consisted of 1/4 cup of Mango butter 2tbsp of Flaxseed Oil, 2tbsp of Olive Oil 1tbsp of Manuka Honey, teaspoon of liquid vitamin k 1 teaspoon of Vitamin E oil and Essential oils lavender,lemon and helichrysum Butter...
  6. N

    Body Butter thickness

    Hello everyone! I first want to say thank you everyone for helping those that need assistance with their questions and issues! This forum is wonderful, helpful and kind. Ok, here's my question. I made a body butter with 2 ounces of butters and added my fo (5 grams). It was thick after I whipped...
  7. MissE

    How Do I Reduce Viscosity of Body Butter?

    I want to make body butter that spreads better so I don't dread using it as much as I do now. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. lolaM

    Body butter pricing?

    so im pretty much a cp soaper but occasionally make the odd lotion and body butter. Until now ive only ever made little 100ml- 150ml pots of butter for $10- $15 CAD. Now someones asking for one large jar of 1000ml and i have no idea what to charge? Ive only just recently started selling and shes...
  9. D

    Body Butter Preservatives

    So i have been making small batches of butters for myself over the past few years. I usually would make them on a weekly basis, and would use them so quickly that I never really had time to see if they would go rancid. With the winter months here, and the fact that my life has gotten kind of...
  10. E

    Will Body Butters Stain?

    Hello all, I'm very new to soaping, but I'm already totally hooked. I decided to kill some time today by making a whipped shea body butter. It turned out pretty well, but now I'm wondering...will it stain? I used about 7 oz of shea butter, 2.5 oz coconut oil, and about 2 ml of essential...
  11. skinbykenya

    fo help

    I made my first two batches of body butters with fo's i bought from etsy. The first supplier i bought from, the oils were good. I still have some of the pear body butter I made about three months ago and it still smells yummy. The second supplier....ugh. i bought a cotton candy oil and one week...