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May 1, 2010
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Hello everyone! I first want to say thank you everyone for helping those that need assistance with their questions and issues! This forum is wonderful, helpful and kind. Ok, here's my question. I made a body butter with 2 ounces of butters and added my fo (5 grams). It was thick after I whipped it and it was semi-easy to spoon it into the 2 ounce jar that I used. I still had about a teaspoon left in the bowl but when I went back to try what I had left in the teaspoon it was harder than butter! Does anyone know what I did wrong? Should I have added some coconut oil? And if so how much? I wanted the consistency to be a tad more thick than whipped butter. TIA!
You need to add some liquid oils to the butter. Just butter and fo will make hard butter. I do about 75-80% butters the remainder liquid oils. Sweet almond, meadowfoam , rice bran, avocado.

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