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  1. I

    1st Batch, 100% Almond Oil…

    I know, too high oleic, slimy, needs long cure, susceptible to DOS. All true, I think. But I just got tired of reading and pondering and just made something. Here’s the details and some photos: Almond Oil: 300g 90/10 NaOH/KOH dual lye ratio 4:1 lye concentration 6 bar cavity mold (didn’t even...
  2. Cin

    Ash-covered soleseife

    Just wanted to share a photo of my very ashy soleseife. In photo, top soap is after 4 week cure. Middle bar is cut in half. You can see the rind of ash. Bottom bar is after washing the bar. Has anyone experienced this amount of ash with their soleseife?
  3. reinbeau

    Ash as a feature

    Sometimes ash is a feature. This is First Blush from Tamera Soaping Scents, made with rose clay and a little raspberry mica from Nurture. I did add glitter, but the ash is what makes this soap shine!
  4. CMars

    Stubborn ash won't go away

    I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but it seems i get ash on all my soaps - whether I spray with alcohol, water discount, put the soap in a heated oven, or not. What's going on? Could it be that I use extra virgin olive oil? Or am I just not discounting enough - I usually soap at 32%...
  5. Purplerain

    1st soap questions, questions, questions!

    Made my first soap a few days ago and thought I aced it, but noooooo.... Used this recipe: 300 g lard (tenderflake) 270 g olive oil (extra virgin - all I had) 30 g castor oil 79 g lye 228 g distilled water Also used about 6-8 drops of an essential oil I got in Paris a few years ago...
  6. Beany

    Bay Rum

    One more for today...I find it so inspiring to look at all of the soap pictures everyone posts! It's fun to share as well. Here is my Bay Rum with Sea Clay soap. I made it in a slab mold and HATED it when it was first was cut unevenly and it had serious ash in the first few...
  7. Tienne

    Embracing the Ash

    I have been tinkering around, trying to come up with a clone of a brand-name Dead Sea Mud soap. (Am I allowed to mention the name of it? I'm new here, so I don't know, but it's name starts with an "A".) Their ingredients list says it contains 80% Palm Oil and 20% Palm Kernel Oil. At first I...