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    Attempt #1 Pine tar

    They are lovely, for a pine tar bar.!!!
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    Next Attempt At Marble Soap

    All these photos of the soaps are beautiful, Imo............I am terrible at design so I appreciate everything I see.
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    Has anyone tried this soap recipe?

    I love this forum!
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    The word association game

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    Newbie here!!

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    Newbie here!!

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    It's Only Day 7 and I've Become a Day Drinker!

    Quarantinis were hinted at on the news here......
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    Coconut Oil Soap

    I like the soap very much--regular cure--4-5 weeks and terrific lather. One hot and humid weather some of my coconut soaps began to get dossy at two months!! so I wouldnt count this as a long lived soap, alas. The high superfat may have contributed to the issue.
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    Coconut Oil Soap

    I make a 100% CO with a 20% superfat and I have never had a problem with an oil slick on top...but I make a 3lb may be harder with such a small help at all......sorry! I do make this soap often tho, sometimes use aloe vera juice instead of water and it always behaves well.
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    Eeek! Does anybody actually use with this oil!

    like it very much myself...especially how it changes when blended with other eos..
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    The word association game

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    Hobby Lobby today....

    Just stay safe folks!
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    Thanks for the encouragement!!
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    I went to two stores today, Frys and Costco--didnt even go in Costco as the line was loooong And they were out of dry dogfood, which is what I wanted. Frys had no bread, no flour, no meats...lunchmeats and pnut butter all gone....well, hopefully things will calm down and the stores can get...
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    Everyone is scared to some degree...we hold dear to that which comforts us......