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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Made my first neem oil, frankincense and myrrh soap. What a potent combination. I had a request for 40 bars so that’s all I got to yesterday.
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    YOUR most popular fragrances

    You’re so sweet, I just got OT’s to try, I’m gonna go for it and just hope it’s close. I love that scent. ❤️
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    YOUR most popular fragrances

    cmzaha have you compared BB Bonsai to OT Bonsai? I just discovered BB discontinued theirs and I was looking to replace it with maybe OT’s but I’m curious how different they might be.
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    Blue Agave- Nurture Soap

    Oh I have this and haven’t soaped with it yet. I’m excited to try it! Love the swirls, beautiful soap!
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    SMF September 2019 Challenge - Linear Swirl

    1. szaza - hmmm.. to hp or not to hp? 2. dibbles - I’ll worry about what we can do later. I’m in. 3. MarnieSoapien - This looks like fun! 4. SYT - I'll give it a go! 5. Mobjack Bay - I’m clueless, but I can’t resist! 6. steffamarie - I simply adore swirls like this. Can't wait! 7. Kiti Williams...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I made three soaps today - Eucalyptus Tea Tree coconut soap, Bonsai from BB, and caramel honey from Nurture. I haven’t been soaping much in the last year, it was really nice to get back into the groove.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Y’all I’ve been a bit absent with my crazy life but I finally got to making some soap and bath bombs last weekend! Plan to keep up a plan of at least two batches a week, I think that’s a healthy goal for my crazy life [emoji4] Last weekend I made Eucalyptus Spearmint from WSP and Bite Me from...
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    February SMF Challenge Entry Thread- Soap Stones

    Omg these soaps are amazing! As I minored in geology this challenge was right up my alley, but then I got that stupid cold/flu thing and have been sick almost two weeks. [emoji24] I am loving the entries though! So much creativity in this group. [emoji173]️
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    Hello from Japan!

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    Who is your favourite YT soaper?

    I need to up my YT game, looks like I’m subscribed to Royalty Soaps, Ariane Arsenault, evesgardensoaps, vibrant soap, and soap queen, but I follow a few others on Instagram like soap.ish, does Tania have a YouTube? I definitely need to follow that, I love her work
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    February Challenge- Soap Stones

    1. Misschief - I REALLY want to try this! 2. Primrose - Wow what a cool tutorial! 3. Dawni - I think I can finally have a go at a challenge 4. Hendejm - I am going to plan better this month! 5. Geniash - So excited to try this! 6. Meena - This challenge may be one that I'm actually capable of...
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    OMG! It's been 6 months!

    I’ve struggled hard the last year since we moved. I get spouts of motivation, I recently did a bunch of wedding favors for a friend but ended up doing melt and pour cause I couldn’t get motivated in enough time to make CP. I guess life just has its peaks and valleys and my soap passion is...
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    Round 2 -

    I’m going to add that I thought I registered because it said my recipe saved but when I tried to login it looks like it didn’t take, it keeps telling me wrong user name/password. I’m also using safari on iPhone
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    We are tearing out our kitchen and old asbestos this week so Sunday I did a marathon soap session since I don’t know when I’ll have a kitchen again. I cut all my batches last night and found one of my batches has a hidden male anatomy design in a couple bars which had me cracking up [emoji38]...