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    What to use to make soap brown

    I did a frosted type look for a soap a while back and both skipped the FO for that part plus used a tiny bit of TD in the soap batter. Be aware that TD also causes a bit of acceleration.
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    Simple Recipe for a Beginner

    My early recipes all had 30% co and they are great for us. I have read that many cannot use co at that rate, but we had been used to store soap previously so for us it was a wonderful change.
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    Official entry thread: SMF Soap Making Challenge November: Drop and Skewer

    Been MIA a few days due to Holiday orders in my Jewelry shop, but wow you guys ROCKED this! Well deserved winners!!!
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    Getting frustrated at how fast my soap thickens

    This is a brilliant idea!
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    Milestones: I have my first staple recipe

    I haven't tried lard yet, but have right much tallow to use first and found that my very favorite is like Susies except with tallow. I add shea at 5% for a nice butter addition. I can really feel that, but it's not absolutely necessary so I don't always use it. What did you go with? Edited to...
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    Slimy soap?

    I got a bar of soap for an early Christmas gift from a person and wondered about it. The ingredients listed are only olive oil, water, coconut oil, lye and fragrance. The soap is really soft and extremely slimy. There is zero lather, but tons of "slime". 2 showers and it's half gone. I just...
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    Input on Exotic Butter Heavy Soap

    Have you tried all these various butters and oiks alone after developing a simple recipe you love? I personally would make a simple recipe and know I love that one first, then add the butters one at a time to the recipe so you will know what each brings to it. This way you don't make a batch you...
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    Henna in soap?

    I understand a bit about henna from my hairdressing days. It's not something I would want to use in soap at all. It can color many things, including you and your hair. No idea what would happen in soap, but it's an odd colorant to be sure. Known fact, hair colored with certain types of henna...
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    Shea butter?

    I was surprised that shea turned out to be my favorite "extra" to add to my soap. It's nicer than cocoa butter to me, and just 5% can really be a luxurious addition. For my skin at least.
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    I have never had any issues with my silicone molds deforming over time. The ones I have are similar to the 1 pound that was previously posted, but are the 10 inch. I don't see any difference in the shape at all.
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    Personally I like the 10 inch one better than the 1 pound. I know everyone says to start with 1 pound, but for me it was easier to start with the 10 inch mold.
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    Has anyone else read this article?

    Just wow. Oh what a tangled web, huh? And Gent, yes, I agree with your statement. :)
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    Has anyone else read this article?

    I see both sides, but I have to lean more toward agreeing with Dixie here. I am a silversmith and sell jewelry. I make some pieces that are gold filled and will eventually work my way into gold. I buy my supplies from whole-sellers I trust and have checked out to the best of my ability, but I...
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    SMF Soapmaking Challenge November: Drop and Skewer

    commoncenz, what did you do to the top of your beautiful soap? It is SO pretty!!! BTW I don't know if I will make the challenge or not. This is my busy time with my jewelry store.