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Default What I'm thankful for

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to reflect on all the good things in your life. This year, I've got a lot to be thankful for. DH discovered a talent for writing just over a year ago (and I started learning how to edit), and his books have turned out to be insanely popular. The only debt we've got is the mortgage, everything else has been paid off (including the brand new car DH bought in February). I've been given pretty much free rein to explore hobbies and interests, within the primary limitation of the space available in our house. We're both reasonably healthy. I get along with his family (his parents live on the next street over, and his younger sister lives next door to us). We have friends that we can count on, who know they can also count on us. Should things continue as they're going, in 4 or 5 years we'll be having a house built, to the floor plan I came up with that is my 'perfect house' (dedicated craft studio included!).

What are you thankful for? (Feel free to reply even if you're not in the U.S.- being thankful shouldn't be limited to just those of us who have the official holiday.)

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We have a lot of things in common! I'm also thankful to be debt-free aside from mortgage and living with a wonderful partner. I'm thankful we're both on board to be child-free and we both enjoy many hobbies together and travelling. I'm thankful we landed awesome careers in the same field and get to work across the street from each-other! I'm thankful that we both have loving families who support us unconditionally. Overall, things are awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!

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I am thankful for my DH and 2 beautiful daughters. Thankful for good health for all of us and really really thankful for God’s Grace I have enjoyed this year. I am thankful for all the great people I am sorrounded with and also for the not so great ones, they keep me humble and grounded. And of course I am grateful for you guys. The experience will not be the same without like minded people to share it with. I am thankful for Bumbleklutz, your 25 steps to making soap gets me cracking anytime am blue.
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I am thankful for so many things. There are days when I feel like screaming, "why?!", but I try to keep in mind that I have it much, much better than many others.
I hope you all have a wonderful day (whether it's a holiday where you are or not).
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My health is good (knock on wood), I have a job I like, I have a few people who may not be able to help much but are willing to listen when I need to vent, I have a roof over my head, a reliable (knock on wood) vehicle, electricity, running water, air conditioning (very important), and food in the fridge. Overall, that's pretty good!
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I知 thankful I have DH and two cats and that we have enough to get by. <3
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I am thankful for my spouse, who is going through a lot of changes right now but loves me so unconditionally. I am thankful for a lot of good friends that I can count on. And, I am so thankful for soap and a successful start to my little soaping business. I feel so fortunate to have an artistic outlet, even when the dishes pile up in the sink and my customers request stinky soap.

Life is good. As always, I am incredibly grateful to draw a sober, sane breath every morning, surrounded by my little dogs who love to wiggle and squirm for pets when I wake.

I don't have everything I want, but I have everything I need.
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Default What I知 thankful for

I知 thankful for my DH who loves me unconditionally. My 4 grown sons, their wives and my 7 grandchildren.
I have a beautiful home and an awesome She Shed that my husband had built for my soaping and crafts.
I知 thankful for my health and that of my DH.
I知 lucky to live in 2 beautiful states, Colorado and Wisconsin.
When I知 feeling sorry for myself, I think of all the people who have less or have lost someone in all the horrible, tragic killing that is going on.
I wake up each day breathing and smiling. Our 6 dogs make sure of that.
Have a wonderful holiday where ever you are.

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