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Oct 27, 2007
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Hey everyone!!! I'm LaToya and I love crafting!! I love using and will only use natural soaps so the next step must be to make them myself. I've done melt and poar before but that bores me so I'm here for the ral hardcore soapmaking!! This is an awesome adventure for me and I can't wait to begin!!! Outside of crafting I love watching movies, hanging out, and spending time with my husband and kitty, Roxy B. We live in Virginia!!!
Hi there and welcome to the forum. We have an assortment of soapmakers here, some of us even do Melt & Pour and are very proud of it! So please be careful with the words you choose here.

Welcome from me too! Even though all I've ever done is goat milk based CP soaps, M&P is a very artistic form of soap making too, perhaps even more so than Hp or CP! Dragon and Tab are the "board masters" of M&P, and turn out great feeling as well as visual works of art! There is more you can do witha M&P base than just melt and pour into a mold. Adding other oils to change the "synergy" of the bar, adding colours, embeds, and the beat goes on. We give equal credence to M&P soapiers as we do our HP and CP soapiers!

If you have any newbie CP questions, let us know and we'll try to answer them. We have several great HP and CP soapiers here with loads of experience!

Paul.... :wink:
A CP soapier, with M&P friends! :lol:

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