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Apr 1, 2015
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we had poured quite a few beeswax tea lites and votives, then had been unable to do the crafts shows. i had gotten the candles out and was just going to enjoy some, and they would not burn properly....the wicks i had used were going to be discontinued so i had stocked up on them....they were the same ones i had always purchased, but here we are... I feel so set back and haven't had the desire to pour since this happened ~i can keep the poured ones back and use them ourselves, but i sure could use some advice on wick selection ~ thanks
what wick did you use? The biggest issue I ran into using 100% beeswax is the fact that it is different with each batch and can burn very different. I now make my candles with a beeswax blend to help with the consistency of burns.

what are they burning like? any photos?
beeswax candles not burning right

I don't have a pic, but will get one ~ it is like even the tea lite/votives would need more than one wick to burn in the round total ~

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