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Dec 1, 2006
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As far as fragrances go, which do you generally prefer: fruity or floral scents? Which do you find you sell more of?
I prefer fruity or foody scents. I sell the most sweet scents, like BBW, fruity & foody. I try to keep 3-4 fruity, 2-3 foody, 1-2 herbal, 1-2 floral & a water scent in stock at all times.

I started out w/ NO dupes but that all people seem to ask me for.
I usually stick with fruity too. I guess most of the people I sell to are a younger crowd and i think younger people enjoy fruitier scents and older women tend to enjoy floral fragrances (at least from my experience). I definitely get a lot of people requesting B&BW scents.
I prefer fruity but I think I sell about an equal number of each.

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