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Jul 17, 2007
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currently Sicily, Italy (Navy base)
... stuff I need for body powders? Like arrowroot, betonite clay (?) etc. as well as the containers.

I've found this site while google-ing; does anyone have any input on them? http://www.rachelssupply.com/dust.htm

Also, if I were to make whipped Shea butter, where would I get it best (I need to go as cheap as possible) and what kind?

Does anyone possibly know a place where I could get all of the above together?

I'd appreciate your input, guys! Thanks! :D
You can get intresting powders at asian grocery stores, If you have any w/i drive distance I would check there first. I know you can find tapioca powders & such there.

This site is hard to navigate, but you will find most everything you need for uniques bath/body items. Anything you need for cosmetics, makeup, body powders, face/body masks, and much more. The prices seem a little high but it's items you will not find anywhere else, IMHO. I bought a few unique items from her in the past.

Take some time & see what you can find there.

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