What is your favorite FO Company?

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I have so many:

Southern Soapers
Old Mill (now at Tony's)
Scent Works
Well, I'm turning into a FO-HO! :lol:

My favs in no particular order;

WSP -- Wholesale Supplies Plus
Soap Supplies.net Paige shipps for $6.95 Flat Rate! 8) In Florida
NG -- Natures Garden
Camden-Grey Lots of everything. In Miami Florida
Candles and Supplies - The have alot of B & B scents

Bitter Creek North - They have a buy 13 1 oz for 20.00 or buy 5 get one free. Right now they have spend 50.00 and get ( 3 )1/2 oz free.

Bitter Creek South
Thank you for all the suggestions.

CPsoaper, what is AGE?

Soapmaker man and FSowers, thanks for telling the specials. I will check them out.

I am surprised that none of you mention "Day Star".
I am chemically sensitive and the only (of the ones that I have tried) one that does not give me a headache is Sweet Cakes.
What type of soaping is everyone using the FO's for??

I LOVE Saveonscents.com for MP, but had a very very hard time getting the FO's to work in CP, same problem with WSP.

Candy- What type of soaping are you doing? I know you mentioned lye, so I assumed you were doing CP? :)

Favorites? I have none yet. I just purchased my beginning fragrance supply. I have a feeling FO's will be the death of my finances. Hurry up Bush, with that rebate check! :lol:

Ten (10) from The Scent Works
Six (6) from Southern Soapers

I gotta hit up Sweet Cakes and Brambleberry, but not till the summer probably. I've got to behave.

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