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We arrived at my mother-in-laws house last night. We will be here through Christmas Day & then we are going to my mother's house.
I hate traveling for the holidays. Maybe thats another reason why I dont like them much.
I have to drive 2 hours to... in the morning.. and 2 hours back...tomorrow night..
Our family is just an hour away so it's not too bad. I swear I wish we had enough money to go away for Christmas, somewhere were there is snow, so we did not have to make "the rounds".
After 3 days of 40+ degree weather with rain we got a bunch of snow yesterday. Supposed to have the in-laws over tonight and go to my parent's house in the morning.

My son had the stomach flu on Friday night and my daughter and myself had it last night though so I'm not sure what the plan is right now.
Yeah.. banks are crazy around this time..


Im glad im on vacation. Crime picks up around this time. :roll:

Its funny.. when I was little.. most things were closed on sundays and holidays..

now it seems like everything is open like clockwork..
I worked today and plan on working most of the day tomorrow in the TOG Shop catching up, or trying to catch up on orders! :? No rest for the wicked they say, and I guess I must be really wicked; sorry Santa! I need some little Elves! :roll: We did get to see National Treasure tonight though! Good movie! :)

Paul.... :wink:
Apart from some translating on and off, I have been off from my fulltime job since the 20th. And I won't be cak until the 2nd. 8)

I transferred 10 days of vacation to 2008 so next year I will have 7 weeks of paid vacation... Ah...the joys of living in a socialist country.
Zenobiah, I thought you were moving in a few months to Illinois? Are you still planning the move? Wishing you best of luck!

Paul... :wink:
Soapmaker Man said:
Zenobiah, I thought you were moving in a few months to Illinois? Are you still planning the move?

If so, where in IL?? Anywhere near Chicago?