Wear your gloves... and don't forget your FO...Long story

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Jan 4, 2008
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Midwest, USA
Inspired by Paul's Beautiful swirls... I had a great idea to do a modified in the pot/in the mold swirl technique. I mixed up my batch and got my containers ready... As soon as I hit light trace, I put a portion of the mixture in a pyrex cup , mixed it to a beautiful golden burgundy, mixed the remaining mixture to a creamy pink orange... I layered the colored mixtures in my mold, doing a fish tail swirl... OMG it was beautiful!!

I forgot the FO!! It was suspose to be scented Mango Papaya... So... I asked hubby to take the kids outside to do bubbles for a bit...I only have enough oils left for three more batches I HAVE to do today, Mango Papaya being one of them...


Looking at my beautiful swirled soap, I yelled the longest chain of profanities ever... I grabbed it and poured it back into the pot, cussing all the way...I don't know if any of you have ever tried pouring 45 ounces of soap from a log mold back into your pot... It sucks. And I didn't have my gloves on!!

Soap poured all over my hands, burning me and I just kept going. I had to get the mixture back in the pot to scent it! As soon as the FO hit the mixture it seized. More profanities...

Mixing it by hand I dumped it back into the mold pouring more soap on my poor hands. more profanities...

Got the soap scented and in the mold now, hands washed and kitchen cleaned. WEAR YOUR GLOVES! ... It;s past noon and Sunday...time to break open the wine I think...


Couldn't you just pour the fo into the soap while it sat in the mold & mix mix mix?

I don't do much CP so I dunno...
I thought about it, pouring the FO right into the mold, but my mold was filled to the TOP , no way I could have even fit a spoon in the mold...
I am so so sorry, I hope your hands will be ok. Please keep us posted.

Does anyone know a potion to soothe lye burned hands?

Just a thought, but in solidarity and sympathy to you, I will toast you with my Limoncello. Here's to you, Cin Cin! :wink:
Lane, So sorry for the mix up. I've done that before (forgotten the FO until I'd poured it in). What I did was swirl it around in the mold (I didn't have colors though)...However, it didn't really come out well. The fragrance didn't really mix well and left little brown spots.

Deda said:
Does anyone know a potion to soothe lye burned hands?

Probably the best thing would be something with aloe in it. Even better would the aloe stuff that is sold for sunburns because it usually comes with a numbing ingredient.
Thank you everyone!

My hands are ok. They were sore for about an hour but I just kept rubbing Shea Butter into them and they look completely normal now... I have an insanely high pain tolerance...Thank goodness it wasn't pure lye! Yikes! I've gotten back splash once with my lye water solution, about a half inch across the inside of my thumb, I thought I was going to die!!

You'd think I'd ALWAYS wear gloves... :oops:
Lane sorry to hear about your trouble. :( I am glad you are OK! 8) I'd have a glass of wine with you, because listen to this; :oops:

I recently forgot to add my scent in after I had a very nice tri-color swirl going. I did have enough room to pour the scent in and incorporate, but no more swirls, some marbling, but no swirls. :roll:
Just happy you are OK. I got a few beads of lye on me today packaging 8 pounds to ship out tomorrow. Those little critters look small, but can sure burn like a hot piece of coal.

Paul :wink:
About ten hours later I unmolded and sliced... IT is Oily as heck!!! Like it literally slid out of the mold... When I sliced it, it pushed little beads of oils out of the bar! I can tell it isn't FO, plus I used the same amount as I always do... Possible with all the swirling and blending, I may have added too much dye and I have an abundance of water in my bars?? My dyes are the diluted LabColors... So I added an extra two or three tablespoons of water...

Any ideas? I searched the forum but got to the forth page and gave up. :oops:

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