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Mar 24, 2015
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(Not sure if this is the right place to post this so please move if needed!:-D)

I am about to section off a room in our huge barn/shop for my soap making room. The barn is approximately 150 feet from the house. We have city water but use a septic tank for waste. For those of you with a soaping area separate from your main living area, what set-up (if any) do you use to supply water to that area and also to dispose of it?

Thanks for your help!
Hi Debi! When I converted my daughter's old bedroom into my soaping room I had to think long and hard about the water situation. There's a water spigot on the outside of one wall so would be able to plumb it inside simply enough BUT... how to dispose of it? That's where I ran into a huge issue. We have a septic system also with concrete slab construction so all sewer lines are almost impossible to get to. Plus, the septic tank is on the opposite side of the house from this room. I looked into self contained sinks that have a fresh water holding tank, waste water holding tank plus water heater. In the end I decided to scrap that plan since I've got very limited space and a bathroom 10 feet away. Maybe the portable sink will work for you though. Here's a link to the type of thing I researched and good luck!

I dug a 8'-10' hole and then I put a portable sink over the hole and ran a water hose from the spigot to the outdoor sink. I can wash anything I want and the water never gets to the top, sure I have to shovel any hard soap and stuff out every once in awhile but it was the best solution I could think of....