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Jul 21, 2016
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I made cupcake soap last night using a recipe I've used several times before. I used 33% water. I split the batch up into 3 equal containers and to one added some mica suspended in a little oil, poured that into the cupcake molds, then 2 the other container added violet oxide suspended in a little water, and TD/water to the other. Then the violet started separating ever so slightly. I stick blended it, added my lavender EO and everything seemed fine. No signs of misbehaving with the other 2 (the mixture I poured into the cupcakes was looking perfect as it began to firm up) I waited a bit, stirring both the remaining mixtures and everything still looked fine, so I put the 2 mixtures into the piping bag. Then when I was about halfway through piping the "frosting" on top, the purple mixture started misbehaving again! :-? It was spewing little bits of water out of the piping bag. Was this because I added the water/colorant too late in the game? Is this water/lye that is seeping out or just water that wasn't absorbed from when I added the colorant? Please advise! Thanks!!