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I purchased a HP 2605DN from ebay. Its refurbished. I received the printer today. And the paper tray is broken. It wont come out. So I called the company I purchased from. They told me I have a 1 year warranty with HP and to call them.

Called HP, they tried to get to "unjam" the paper tray.. and its not budging. She says "you have to mail it back... blah blah 50.00" I said "Hell no Im not paying nothing" so she tells me that their are service contract companies locally that can fix my issue. Gave me three companies to call.

Company #1
We can try to fix it Monday (but I need labels this weekend)

Company #2
We dont service HP printers under the warranty anymore

Maybe Monday, we are short staff.. I will call you back

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

I have been having some trying weekends.. and the business isnt even open yet. WHAT THE HELL!
File a complaint w/ paypal & get your money back ASAP. File a complaint w/ ebay too.

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