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Nov 16, 2006
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Salt Lake City, UT
Where did you come up with your usernames?

Mine's pretty obvious of course but many of you have more clever names. What made you choose them?
Mandy, mine is pretty obvious too; a man that makes soap. :shock:

The old goat avatar is also my stamp mold I use on my bars. Since I only make goat milk soaps, lotions and such, thus The 'Ole Goat Soaps & Lotions as my company name. TOG, the beginning of each of the first words, is what I call my other business, making soapmaking tools.

Paul.... :wink:
Mine is the name of one of my dogs. The H is missing because when I went to choose an email name, Mocha was already taken so I just dropped the H.
Welcome to The SMF Soapyjess :D We hope you'll kick off the shoes, grab a cup of "joe" and talk soap with us! 8)

Paul.... :wink:
I used to love that cartoon pepper ann cause at the time my hair was light red.
I've always been fond of sea creatures. I'm not sure why I settled on the jellyfish, it just sounded fun.
I usually have something horse related, but I've been hooked on Rock of Love w/ Bret Michaels lately.... so Bret ;)