ummm, yeah,. I need some experts please.

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Feb 6, 2008
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ok, these have been wrapped in the mold, in a blanket (big one) for almost 48 hours. They are cool already. The dark one is bigger and firm, but you could push into it. It is not rok hard or anything. the lighter one is firmer than that.

they are coffee. made with coffee (cold) in place of water, and grounds added at trace.

I did the recipe on a soap calculator. I cant find my booklet right now, but I believe that it was

60% olive oil
25% lard
15% rice bran oil

The bigger one looks funky. & it was covered in plastic & had a lid
the lighter one wasnt covered in plastic, (just the lid) and the edge looks funky

what do you get from it? do they look ok?

are they ready to be cut? they are cold.


Your oil ingred. do look like you used alot of soft oils, but they do say olive makes a hard bar. The darker one does look softer, otherwise they look fine. you could let them sit for awhile until they are hard enough to cut or just try cutting a bar and see how it does. From what I can see they look great.

Don't worry. You are doing well. They look wonderful. Can we see them cut.

Thank you laurie. Sure, I cut the small lighter one tonight and I am going to give the bigger one another day or so. let me go take a pic.
ok, here is the smaller batch (basically the overflow) I was afraid that something was wrong with the other batch.. its pretty ugly. lol

I feel so much better, thanks! I cut the big one and the only difference is it is darker.

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