Ucuuba butter?

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Jan 14, 2014
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Someone gave me a pint of Perilla oil, two small jars of unrefined co (Hooray! I like to eat this stuff), and a few ounces of ucuuba butter which smells like smoked dark brown sugar.

I figure the perilla oil can be used at 10% for soap, but what, if anything...should I do with the ucuuba butter? Anyone ever soap it?
I've never even heard of it before but after some reading, it sounds very interesting. I would probably try a lotion or body butter with it but I know I would try at least a little in soap.
I found this page that has the sap value and a little info on the fatty acids. http://mosskincare.com/what-is-ucuuba-butter/

and this

I also found this in a old scientific study on oils/butter for hair. Looks like the ucuuba would work well as a coconut replacement.
Ucuúba butter showed a slight increase in the stress to break. This butter has a high
amount of low molar mass triglycerides composed of short and straight linear fatty acid
chains (75% miristic acid (C14)). This may point to the conclusion that low molecules
from vegetal origin are able to diffuse into hair fi ber. It is observed with coconut oil,
which has lauric acid in its major composition (6
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A friend of mine has used it in soap (I think it was a very low percentage, 3-5%), she said it was a nice bar, but she would rather use cocoa or mango butter. I think it's also expensive - been awhile since I looked at this butter but if memory serves, one supplier was $20 for 4 oz.
I would have to smell first....if I had some my first thought would be a serum. I have never of heard of it until now and I found the info on it very interesting.