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Nov 13, 2007
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East Berlin, PA
there is a recall on corollas and matrix from 2003 and 2004! i saw the title on news and was thinking, oh, it can't be MY car.....yep! '03 corolla!

oh well, i'll wait to see if i get a letter in the mail telling me my windows are gonna fall out (some problem with the auto windows, don't think they actually fall out though...) Just FYI to other corolla drivers!!
I read something about a part wasn't greased properly. The raising and lowering of the window causes friction and can produce smoke. What happens if they recall your car? Do they reimburse you the value of it?
I think the problem is the window switch can overheat and cause a fire.

My understanding of the recall is you take your car in and they replace the faulty part with something new and just fix it, you don't actully get rid of the car, at least as far as I know! Other family members have had various things like this happen and that's the way it has worked for them anyway.
I didn't know about the possibility of a fire. The news report didn't mention that issue. :lol: Yeah, it would be rather startling to be driving down the road and your door catches on fire.

Obviously, I don't know anything about recalls. That makes more sense just to replace the part.
Electric windows, love em, hate em. I had a van that had at least 6 window motors replaced. Got rid of it before it needed #7. Now with Hondas in the drive I've only had to replace one in all the time we've owned them. But they are pricey.
Door catching on fire?

I would like to know the story on that.

Likely the glass was jammed and somebody just stayed on the button until it fried the motor.


Spent 15 years as a GM manufacturing engineer.

It's amazing the stuff that can go wrong.


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