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Sep 29, 2015
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These little suckers are weepier than a willow and are NOT zappy. I made this batch today and I made a few blunders: NOT taking my superfat into consideration when I made this soap (I added yogurt to this batch and the superfat is 5%), forgetting to put my yogurt in with the oils, using lye with a 50% concentration without thinking through my application, and making soap in general when even my inhaler makes me feel loopy (that's just dumb of me). So all of my soaps are oxidizing, weeping oil, and are a general expression of how I've been feeling these last few weeks.

In case you're wondering about the recipe

Olive oil- 226g
Cocoa butter- 150g
Avocado oil- 113g
Avocado butter- 112g
Palm kernel flakes- 111g
Castor oil- 38g

NaOH- 100g
Water- 106g
Yogurt- 104g

If the color stays, I might shred the bars up for confetti soap if they don't turn out to be straight garbage soap.

Oct 28, 2015
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North East Oregon, USA
When my inhaler is "off" - or I am....
I really need to write down everything and plan a step by step procedure. Written down.
And THEN I have to follow the plan I have written...
"Suddenly a thought crossed my mind" gets chuckles around here because, well , things just don't work out very well usually.

Sometimes slower is better.
I've been using a really slow to trace recipe lately for a similar reason.