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Aug 10, 2007
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Ok...this is only my second batch of soap and the results are soooo different from the first. I tried to formulate my own recipe.

CO 25%
VS 25%
Lard 30%
OO 13%
PO 7%

lye discount 5%

Plus I substituted 2/3 of water for coconut milk. I dissolved the lye in 1/3 of the water, added it to my oils, both at 110 degrees. At a light trace I added my coconut milk. and then all %**#@# broke loose. I went to very hot, and stiff mashed potatoes. I used a stick blender and everything happened very fast. I think the whole process didn't take more than 7 minutes.

I tried to add EO's to half of the mixture, but that didn't go over to well. I forced the soap into my molds. (2 empty paper milk cartons) It is really hot, I insulated the cartons

the logic if there is any behind my formulation is ... I am trying to come up with something for my dogs, and in the post I read that for dogs it was better to have more CO than OO. I chose lard because I liked the qualities of it and the VS because it's cheap and easy to find. I used the coconut milk because I thought it would add creaminess.

I am going to try this recipe again but at a lower temp...if anyone has any suggestions.......PLEAZZZZE let me know. Thanks :?:
Can you read the ingredients in your coconut milk?
If it has any sugar that could make soap overheat
If it has any guar gum, that will turn it into a soap on a stick.

thanks for the info
the one I used is just coconut milk and potassium metaisulfite(preservative)

my second can does have guar gum so I won't be using this one.

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