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Nov 23, 2007
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Raleigh, NC
Hi there,

It is me again! Now I have another question, I found BJ warehouse selling soybean oil, and it is very good price, like $14 (30lbs). I am wondering that is soybean oil a good oil for soap making?

Soybean oil will bring a lot of conditioning properties to your soap. It can make your soap a bit softer so make sure to balance it out with some harder butters.
Why not? It's liquid Crisco. Crisco is mainly hydrogenated soy bean oil and cottonseed oil. Soy oil is considered a filler oil. It is an OK oil, but you need other oils along with it. It's kinda like canola oil, perhaps a bit better. I would use no more that 35 to 50% total along with some hard oils or butters.

CP, you always beat me in answering!:lol: I type too slow, as we type at the same time, but I'm just a hunt-n-peck typer! :oops: :roll: :lol:
At that price I would grab some! I use soybean oil for 20% of the recipes I am testing. It's very inexpensive as a filler oil and it adds skin conditioning properties.
It's hard to say since the soap is still curing. The soap lathers up great, but I have no idea how it actually feels on the skin after a bath.

By the way, you can usually buy vegetable oil in my area for $1.99 for a 48 fl oz bottle. That's still pretty cheap and you don't have to store a large amount away in your pantry.
When using crisco or oils like it, be careful. As Soapermaker Man stated, they are usually a blend of hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oil and not 100% soybean oil. Crisco use to be 100% soybean but no longer is. You don't know what the amount of the oils blended in are so it is hard to get an accurate amount of needed lye. You soap could turn out soft with lackluster bubbles like it did not have enough lye to fully saponify the oils or one that is lye heavy.

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