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May 6, 2024
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Hi, I have been making soy candles recently. I usually don't let the temperature get over 225 degrees. I take it off to cool at 185 and add the essential oils and then let it cool and pour it at 135 degrees. I'm still new at this and I was putting the wicks in other candles and I asked my husband to please stir the wax until it was all meted. He let it go to 450 degrees before I told him to take it off! I know they are ruined now, but my bigger fear is do soy candles vaporize and at what point? I want to make sure. He said that he did not see any vapors at all coming from the heat and I didn't either. I just don't want to risk breathing it into our lungs and getting waxy lungs. I'm now afraid of making candles in the future, incase they do vaporize by accident.

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